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Gulliver's Travels Journal Essay

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Preliminary English Extension 1Assessment Task DGulliver's Travels by Jonathan SwiftBy Daniel GlynnJournalMy assessment task was based upon Jonathon Swift's novel Gulliver's Travels. The book itself took me five days to read on top of school work, training, msn messenger, and other daily consumers. After reading the book I got my sister to hire out two appropriations of Gulliver's Travels on video for me. I watched these movies on Friday night which kept me up until 11 p.m.The novel by Jonathon Swift is a satire that bravely points out the wrongs of our society. Throughout the novel we are taken through new and wonderful worlds, and in each place our society is served up with a new beating and kick in the ribs. Rightly so I believe! By doing your own analysis on society you can see what is wrong with it. By doing that you get a one way view and the wrongs and rights in the world. By reading and watching the Gulliver's Travels stories I got to experience another person's feelings and emotions. This experience allowed me to reassess my own beliefs of our society and from this I developed a more mature and expanded version of hatred towards society.The novel stresses that the most important thing to a human is falseness. The novel displays numerous amounts of recounts and telling of all stories that are just full of phoney lies and deceit. The Houyhymnmn stress that they have no pride because they don't know what it is, and I believe that pride is at the centre of all the problems that are spoken about in the novel. Pride is at the centre of all troubles. Even today we can blame all wrongs on pride, such as, war, one country to proud to let another country say bad things about them, one rapper to proud to let a rapper diss him in his music, the other rapper to proud to not diss the other rapper. Pride is a murderer in its own way. Pride can make a man overlook his fellow humans and take himself for something more superior, or of a divineform.I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel but found the movies not quite as impressive. I especially found the older movie with Richard Harris very crap! Apart from the movie only getting through the first part of the book, I found that their interpretation of the novel was completely wrong compared to mine. The more recent appropriation of Gulliver's Travels with Ted Danson was more agreeable because it went through the endurance of the whole novel but still it strayed away from the true storyline and employed it's own separate traits. As much as I a disapproved of the change of story I still enjoyed watching the movie and seeing some of the interesting characters that I had visualised while reading the book. I won't lie but I was hoping to see the bit of the enlarged breast in the movie. I feel that I could not feel quite the disgust that Gulliver had towards it. I feel quite strongly about the complexity of the book and the job it would be for anyone to turn it into an exact appropriated movie...but, I think...

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