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A Survery And Results On Gun Control

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I remember when I wrote an essay about gun control and one thing was on my mind, which was a scary story. It was about a young girl who was killed by her brother. Their mother stepped outside of her house for just while, and the children were playing in their mother’s bedroom. The gun was in the closet, and the brother got the gun from the closet room and started shooting at his sister, and she died. It is sad story how the young girl died by the gun. Also, people keeping guns and they irresponsible of their gun. (Remizowski) Gun control is one of the most comment issues in the USA. In USA there is a law, “the second amendment,” for the right people to carry a gun. Second amendment is one of the important laws in the USA because it is give the people one of the freedoms and responsibilities. In my survey I asked many people if they agreed with the second amendment, and they said yes it important for people because they can defend themselves.
In my survey I asked my friends about why people buy guns. One of my friends said that guns are not important because people who have guns, if they become angry, will shoot. The other said that people who buy guns buy them for many purposes. First, self-protection is one of the most important things. People who live far away from a city should have guns to protect them self. Men and women prefer to protect them selves with guns especially in their house to defend against the thieves when they rob in the middle of the night. Furthermore, a sense of safety with guns is more important than police because police sometimes could not come on time, especially in the winter or if you could not call the police and you must protect your self with a gun. Second, hunting is a popular sport in the world. For many people, hunting provides fresh food. One reason people like hunting are for competitions in the USA. There are many competition places such as Ohio and Indiana, and they have many places for hunting animals like deer. Business and hunting become more successful. One of my friends told me his grandfather had a business of hunting deer for a restaurant and he said his grandfather was grateful because his way of live was too...

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