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Gun Control And The Media Essay

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The gun control debate has been in the news a lot lately. Their are two clear sides to the debate. One side states that they don’t want their second amendment rights taken away. While the other side sees guns as dangerous and wants reforms set in place so that certain people can’t have access to them. Some are against reform that, “private citizens who own guns are constantly told by gun-control advocates that only fully trained government agents should be allowed to possess and use guns” (Krey 41). The pro gun reform advocates see this because of the number of shootings that have happened in the past years. They also attribute our violent culture to one of the reasons the shooting rates have gun up. The pro gun reform advocates have used different outlets throughout the media to get their message out and try to start a movement, in which they are trying to get the public to have the same view point as them. This goes for the pro gun reform and anti gun reform groups. The media has a huge impact on how the public views gun ownership through their coverage.
In order to talk about how the news media covers this movement one must understand how these movements started. Their are two sides to issue. One side is for gun reform in which they want laws and reforms to be passed that would have stricter guidelines as to who can own guns. The opposing side has a strong belief in the second amendment which reads; “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This gives the pro gun rights advocates the idea that everyone in the United States has a right to a gun, because the Constitution says so. This paper will focus on the movements from the beginning of President Barack Obama’s presidency in 2009 to today. The reason for this is because during President Obama’s presidency their has been many shootings, and both movements began to come out of the woodwork and state their messages to the public.
Their has always been two sides to this issue. Some people believe that everyone should have the right to own a gun, and on the other side it is thought that their should be more regulations for owning a gun. Both movements have used the media very heavily to get their message out. They use both print and television. In today's ever changing...

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