Gun Control And Why We Should Not Have It

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“Guns are not the problem. It is us that is the problem” (Kieta Shimizu). On the topic of gun control there are many arguments that can be made for both sides of the coin no doubt. In this essay you will hopefully learn why we do not need gun control in the great country that is The United States of America. Three main topic will be covered the effects of private gun ownership, gun control in society, and guns and their usage. Private gun ownership does not pose a serious threat to society, but provides an effective means of self defense.
I. Private gun ownership
Personal protection comes out of private gun ownership. There are numerous accounts of guns waring off aggressors (Lott 89). Most of the time when someone pulls a gun it is to ward off an aggressor and nothing more is needed to happen (Lott 89). Both of these are easily seen because of each other. if someone pulls a gun and an attack scares the aggressor away I would say that the gun has become an effective means of self defense. Guns can also be used to protect not only a single person but also an entire business.
Privately owned handguns help privately owned businesses prevent crimes. Convicted felons admit to changing their tactics to prevent gun confrontation(Lott 91). Lott states criminals tend to avoid people who are most likely to have guns like cab drivers and drug dealers (91). if you were to look at armed robbery as a job so to speak a main goal of the robber is to get the job done with little issues weather that be being seen, police run ins, or even getting hurt themselves. They are trying to prevent these things because if any of those things were to happen that would cost them money or their freedom; therefore keeping away from a business that has a gun is probably a smart thing to do for a robber. Guns can likewise be used to assist not only a single person but also an entire group of people if an aggressor was coming towards.
If one person in a group has a privately owned gun that will be enough to keep the group safe the same theory would apply in a neighborhood because the likely hood of multiple gun holders would increase. Not only do people who defend themselves help themselves, they may also help others in society around them (Lott 91). If it comes to it and you have a gun to resist with, then resist but if not then do not resist an aggressor (Lott 89). If you do this it can not only keep you safe but also keep the people around you safe say your neighborhood for instance. Weak victims are usually viewed as women an or the elderly however, more recently this is changing because of concealed carry (Lott 90). Women are more likely to be victim and the best two options for them is to resist of they have a gun or comply without one (Lott 89). If your in a community where a few people openly have firearms a criminal is going to be on a higher alert. However as the number of open firearms owners increases that is most likely going to deter the criminal because they...

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