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Frates, Chris. “The Gun Debate Isn’t Over Yet.” National Journal (2013): Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 31 Oct. 2013.
In this article written by Chris Frates, the author talks about how democrats and republicans are going back, and forth on gun control laws. Both parties are finding it difficult to come to an agreement. While leaving republicans asking the question “How do you take away Americans 2nd Amendment?” It’s a tricky situation as republicans, and congress continue to try find loop holes in the system to force stricter gun control laws. Despite efforts toward compromise, some Republicans doubt that any gun legislation will pass, with or without the support of some GOP (Grand Old Party) senators. As one senior Republican aide put it, “This amounts to a purity pissing contest on who’s going to best protect the Second Amendment.”
Gius, Mark. "Gun Ownership and the Gun Control Index." Atlantic Economic Journal 36 (2008): 497-498 MasterFILE Premier. 30 Oct.2013
In this article the author talks about the relationship between gun control laws and gun ownership rates in relation to crime rates. He informs his readers of the studies to determine whether gun ownership rates have any effect on criminal activity being that firearms are the leading cause of murders; and if by making gun control laws stricter will it lower the violent crime rates, and overall homicide rates.
Johnson, Fawn. "The Silver Lining in the Gun-Control Defeat." National Journal. (2013): Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web 31 Oct. 2013
In this article the author Fawn Johnson gives us a brief look of what goes on during the great gun control debate. This article gives us a look at the gun control proposals, from American’s not being able to own an assault rifle what so ever, which fell 5 votes short of being passed; to expand background checks for firearms sold at gun shows and on the Internet. This article shows us how the gun-regulation fight is at a political stalemate. No one is making a move, and the lawmaking process is at a standstill. Congress is simply reflecting a divided public. In recent Associated Press polls almost half of Americans (49 percent) think gun laws should be stricter. The other half (48 percent) think gun laws should remain as they are or be even less strict. So basically until either side raises in votes, new gun control laws will not be getting passed anytime soon.
Kessler, Glenn. "The NRA’s claim that Joe Biden’s gun advice is illegal." The Washington Post 25 Feb. 2013. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 7 Oct. 2013
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