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Gun Control: Does Having A Gun Reduce Crime?

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Coltin Perras
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Citizens of the United States have been fighting over the issue of gun control for many

years. The debate of citizens owning guns, especially semi automatic guns with high

captivity magazines has become a major debate in America today. As citizens of the United

States we know it’s our right to own weapons and it has been that way since 1791when the

second Amendment was ratified. The second Amendment, a part of the Bill of Rights, which

allows the right to bear arms. There is no problem with the second Amendment. Guns in the

hands of an innocent American citizen may be the only thing that can stop a gun in ...view middle of the document...

” Cooper is

stating that America needs good people to own guns because police will not always be around to

protect them. American police officials are people who are knowledgable in the field of fire arms

and understand how gun violence works.

Some places such as Switzerland have specific rules requiring all citizens to have military

grade weapons. That may seem drastic to some but it may have saved their country when Hitler

was working to take over Europe. He never tried to take it over and the main reason was because

of the well armed citizens who lived in Switzerland. We as Americans should know all about this

because Japan avoided attacking the Californian coast just after they invaded Pearl Harbor. Isn’t

it possible that in the future their could be an enemy fighting against the United States that may

try and invade us? Not only should we worry about other countries but the issues of the

government turning on the American people is real. Americans need defense from their

government because in other countries that established gun control the only result was mass

murder. “(Melstrand, Down through history, governments have disarmed

their citizens only to tyrannize those citizens once they were disarmed.” Somehow the issue of

genocide seems to be looked at as impossible in America yet it could be a problem for the later


Guns literally reduce crime. Think about the criminals perspective, preparing to rob a house.

If a criminal goes into the house and the person who lives there pulls out a gun there is no doubt

that they will fear that person more then if he or she was unarmed. There have been many cases

where simply showing a gun...

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