Gun Control In America: A New Approach At An Issue That Is Becomming An Epidemic. Possible Solutions And The Costs Of Those Solutions.

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Gun Control In AmericaCrista D. Saari4/26/01Goal: To prove to my CLC speech class that gun control is a significant and widespread problem that needs some immediate legislative attention if it is to be remedied.Thesis: Injury and death from guns is a serious and widespread problem that is caused due to easy access to guns in America and a policy on gun control should be legislated.I.Natural disaster is a phenomena that every human must encounter. It is a phenomena that is beyond our control ? and can be frightening to those whom are not prepared.II.Prevention ? is a human's only hope for combating a potential storm?.. the storm that I refer to today is gun violence. Like a natural disaster ? the temperament of a criminal offender is beyond our control.III.The prevention method can be applied to this issue as well, in the reduction of the availability of guns, the adoption of a nationwide gun policy in America, and stricter enforcement of existing gun laws.(?internal summary??)I. The western expansion of AmericaA.The cities grew faster than the law enforcement could keep up with.1.First used against Native Americans for protection, and prided as a weapon of hunting.2.Law enforcement officers not permitted weapons until later 19th century.3.Abundance of urban crime witnessed in the streets.4. The citizens began to feel they needed additional protection. (NC1)B. Increasing rates of violent crime and accidental death or injury involving guns.1.17 school shootings between 1996-1999, many more have occurred in recent years.2.Gun violence statistics comparably smaller in similar nations. (NC2)3.U. S. has 65 million handguns (NC3)C. Statistics are only growing?..1. The decline in gun injury rates can be attributed to:a.aging population with most offenders b/t the ages of 18 and 25.b.Longer prison sentences for offenders.2.School shootings also increasing ? through being rigorously combated.(?.internal summar??.)II. Attributions to gun violence and accidental death or injury.A.Legal loopholes that allow convicts to obtain guns. - Americans able to buy guns at some gun shows without a back-ground check.B.State to state spillover ----1. states with strict gun control laws suffer because of neighboring states w/ less gun control.2. (NC4)C.Lack of enforcement of current gun control laws.1. Massachusettsa.passed a law mandating a minimum 1 yr jail...

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