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Gun Control In United States Need Improve

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There is an article about gun control and background check from, which inspired my view about gun control. In a Jan. 16 speech on gun violence, President Barack Obama, for example, claimed that “as many as 40 percent of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check.” In addition, many people think the actual number is much higher than just 40 percent because that figure is based on an analysis of a nearly two-decade-old survey of less than 300 people that essentially asked participants whether they thought the guns they had acquired. (FactCheck)
People have the right to protect themselves and their family members with guns in United States. In most states, conceal carry and open carry is allowed depend on laws. However, criminals also use them to help them committing crime. For example, there were four shootings in our neighborhood in the last two week. 19.5:1 Ratio of people killed by guns in the U.S. compared to other developed countries in the OECD. (Briody Blaire and Maureen Mackey) Some people think guns provide great protection; however, some people like me think guns cost more danger on public safety than protection. United States is one of the few country that allowing citizen to own guns. Many people also think that guns do not do anything by itself, as people have said, “It is just a tool.” It is all about the person who handling the gun. In order to improve public safety we need to eliminate guns by taking away the gun right or improve the gun holders. Even though, more than 70% of citizen think that we should get rid of guns, it is still very hard to perform. Which leave us the other choice: improve our gun holders. To do so, first, we need to regulate guns more strictly. Second, we need to provide more gun educations for gun holders. Third, we need to improve the mental of gun holders.
First, to get a gun in United States is just excessively easy. The background check is generous. Even people with serious problems like alcoholic or criminal record still can purchase guns. Alcoholic and violence person are very unreliable and dangerous. ...

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