Gun Control Is Out Of Control

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What would be flashing through your mind if you were at a coffee shop and a maniacal psychopath appeared and began firing at innocent people? At your family? You would be afraid for yourself and for the lives of those most precious to you; but would you be thinking that if the government made guns illegal, this would never have happened? Certainly not! You would have probably thought that if you were permitted a handgun, you could not only have protected your family and yourself, but others around you as well. Many people are asking whether carrying guns is as helpful a tool as many of us have been claiming. Some people think handguns are the cause of many crimes and injuries. Others say that our society would be safer without citizens carrying guns out on the streets. Guns help in disasters when aid is so far away Not only that, but guns have already been permitted in all fifty states except Washington DC; so why not keep it that way? Rather than restricting guns and gun owners, we should be given the freedom to have the ability to carry guns in order to protect ourselves and others around us through the use of firearms.
Adults should be allowed to used concealed handguns for their protection. Robbery or assault victims who used a gun in their defense were less likely to be attacked or suffer injuries than those who used other methods of self-protection. According to a study in the Journal of Criminal Law done by a criminologist named Gary Kleck, when someone draws a concealed handgun in self-defense, the criminal retreats 55.5% of the time[Kleck]. These statistics show that victims who used concealed handguns during an assault had a smaller chance of being injured or having the crime completed than those who used other methods of defense. Although some might argue that one can just attempt to escape or use other means of physical refusal and you could possibly make it out alive, Gary Kleck actually found that if a victim tries to use other forms resistance, he or she has a higher chance of injury and the crime actually being concluded[Kleck]. Criminals are less likely to attack someone whom they believe might be armed["Concealed Guns"]. Carrying handguns benefits both the public and the armed individual because criminals never know who is could be armed. Having the advantage to carry a gun can help make a safer society with a better future. In Making Gun Control Happen, Patrick Keefe, writes as a supporter of gun control. He states that one obvious change would be to “mandate a criminal background check for all gun purchases” in order to stop criminals from obtaining a weapon[Keefe]. Although obviously what criminals do best is break laws, as a result they would probably smuggle guns illegally anyway. The idea of a background check is to distinguish the responsible, law abiding citizens from the crooks and thugs. Therefore, if the guns do not fall on the wrong hands, the law abiding citizens will be the ones carrying guns and...

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