Gun Control: Law Abiding Citizens Should Be Permitted To Have Guns

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Gun Control: Law Abiding Citizens Should be Permitted to Have Guns

"Bleeding and weakened from the bullet wound in her chest, Susan Gonzalez aimed her husband's .22-caliber pistol, the one she hated, and emptied it into one of the robbers who had burst through the front door of her rural Jacksonville home"(Pinkham). This story shows that guns can be used to save lives. Americans have gun rights and privileges thanks to the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. It states, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The U.S. Constitution has given the public these privileges so Americans may have the right to protect ourselves with a gun if needs be. In the constitution they made sure to point out Americans have the right "to keep and bear arms". Even though times have changed, the idea of a militia has remained the same as Samuel Adams stated, "The Militia is composed of free citizens," which Americans are all free citizens having the right to bear arms. A person that has the right to bear arms should be a person that can handle that responsibility.

There are many laws in place right now to stop people who are irresponsible from buying a gun. The law that is supposed to be the main source of gun control is the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill is named after James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckley during an assassination attempt on President Reagan in 1981. Even though this bill was introduced after this incident, it would not have made a difference in the shootings. John Hinckley had a good record with no mental illness and no felony convictions in any jurisdiction, so the public can't say only criminals use guns to kill people. Criminals have lots of other ways to get a gun then by legal means. Two obvious examples are the black market and theft. According to studies "only one firearm out of every six used in a crime is obtained legally"(Thomas 277)

The Brady Bill is a great idea for catching the criminals that already have a record and that are trying to buy a gun. In fact, the Brady Bill, in 1994 and 1996, stopped two people in Colorado from buying handguns. The Brady Bill has caught over 70,000 convicted felons and has stopped them from purchasing handguns. Even though that sounds like a lot of people, there was probably a couple thousand of that 70,000-convicted felons that had been caught more than once.

The Brady Bill is a bad idea. What about the people who need a gun for protection that day? There have been lots of stories about women reporting that their violent husbands have abused them. Then they go out to purchase a gun that very same day for protection from their husbands. While they are waiting for their background check to clear they wind up dead.

They are trying to come up with a new Brady Bill system, so the next time you go to buy a gun you can get it that very day. Instead of going through that...

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