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Gun Control Laws Will Increase Violence

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Massachusetts has a national reputation for its strict gun control laws, but gun violence related to firearms have increased significantly. According to the 2011 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) analysis conducted for the Globe, there were 122 murders committed with firearms, which is 67 percent of all murders that year. There were increases in other crimes involving guns too. During that period, aggravated assaults with guns rose 26.7 percent (12th highest) and robberies with firearms increased 20.7 percent (15th highest). Thus, these are evidences that gun control laws actually increase gun violence rather than reduce them. On the other hands, after the school massacre in ...view middle of the document...

Let us think about it. While most of honest citizens obey such laws, they are not disposed to commit gun violence anyway. On the other hands, criminals, those who want to break the law, are not going to care about the consequences, or feel remorse even when they are caught. Gun control shifts the power to favor criminals over citizen because it prevents self-defense with firearms when shooting occurs. Thus, applying a stricter gun control on responsible citizens will not reduce any gun violence.
For those who are bothered by the gun crimes, why aren’t they upset with the criminals for breaking the laws? In fact, it is unlikely to control what a criminal does. In a country where criminals have illegal access to guns, the real question is whether we should allow citizens to be armed as well. There will never be gun control laws that could have prevented massacre like that in Colorado or Connecticut or anywhere else. However, had there been a few trained and armed citizens carrying legal handguns inside or near the incidents on that day, many lives could have been saved. Therefore, stricter gun control will lead to higher gun violence.
No criminal background checks can screen out all unsuitable people and their mental health. Background checks have not stopped the mass shootings since 2011. For example, Senator Feinstein introduced the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, which required fingerprinting, photo identification, and enhanced background checks. However, none of these new gun control requirements would have stopped the tragedy such as massacre shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school that day. Adam Lanza committed his crime anyway by using his mother’s gun even when he refused to undergo a background check. If only his mother was aware of his Asperger’s Syndrome then she should have taken responsibility to keep her gun secure instead of rendering accessible to others. Moreover, if a background check was perfect, it could have stopped James Holmes, the alleged killer at the cinema in Colorado, from purchasing legally his AR-15, two 9 mm Glocks, 0.40 caliber pistol and 12-gauge shotgun (Dao). The same is true with Jared Loughner, who pleaded guilty in shooting the House of Representative, Gabrielle Gifford, in Tucson, Arizona. His application did not show any...

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