Gun Control Laws Will Not Reduce Crime

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“I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it”. -- Clint Eastwood
This nation was built on the right to bear arms, but this freedom is more controversial than ever. With all the school shootings and gun violence in America today at some point it may seem that just too take away all guns may be the answer to this problem. In defense, this is not the answer. If someone wants to commit a crime, gun laws will not stop them from obtaining the weapon. It is like a drug. Drugs are illegal, but every day you see someone either with, on, or recovering from a drug habit. What about for defense right to own guns to protect your family if part of your constitutional rights. Rights that are supposed to be unalienable rights. Although in this day in time, they are always trying to take away guns either by trying to pass laws or taxing guns and ammo which almost makes guns unaffordable for middle class normal American families.
One of the first documents of the ownership of weapons was King Henry’s II of England law the English Assize of Arms of 1181 which allowed every non slave or non- imprisoned man access to a weapon (Alters 1). Even back in those times, they were given the right by the king to protect themself in time of emergency. This right has been important since guns were made back in the black powder times. In 1783 the Revolutionary War ended; this called for the country to have its set of rules after separating from England. In 1787, thirty-nine leaders of the nation gathered in Philadelphia to sign the Constitution. The second amendment says four main facts: the right to the individual possession of arms, the fear of a professional army, the dependence on militias regulated by the individual states, and the control of the military by civilians (Alters 3). Moreover, the second amendment in modern terms states the right to possess fire arms in one’s house, the fear of an army that suppresses the people, and armies that are regulated by states and civilians that are in those armies.
To understand the gun topic you first have to learn the terms a pistol, or hand gun is a gun that the name states you use the gun held in your hand normally used for close range. A revolver is a hand gun that instead of the ammo being fed into the chamber, it is in a round shaped tube with different chambers that rotate in a clockwise motion around the barrel of the gun. A shotgun can either be semi-automatic, where you have to pull the trigger every time you shoot. Pump action, where you have to pull the trigger pump the action on the gun to chamber another shell. The last is not legal to most citizens, but a fully automatic weapon once you pull the trigger as long as you hold down the trigger it will fire till your run out of ammo. Shot guns shoot shot or gauges that are little bb’s or ball bearings. Rifles come in all different makes, models, and sizes. From lever action where you have to cock a lever to...

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