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Gun Control Only Taking Freedoms, Not Saving Lives

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In the 18th century our founding fathers met in Philadelphia to create a document that would lay the foundation for what the United States is built upon. The document would be called the Constitution. However, some would not ratify the Constitution without also having a Bill of rights to protect the rights of the American citizen. Among these amendments that would be added to our Constitution was the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment gave the American citizen the right to keep and bear arms, and to form state militias. The idea behind forming state militias is that in times when a tyrannical government is trying to control the people the people can form a militia to reinstall liberty and dethrone a government that tries to control the people. (Alters) Gun control over the years has proven futile because it only takes away the rights of the American citizen.
The founders were strong believers in small government and letting the American people have their own lives and have their own privacy. A right to bear arms is necessary because the American citizen needs a way to defend themselves, their family, and their home. What if someone’s home is invaded in the middle of the night and and their is no gun in the house? If the parents of the house try to attack the invader they will get shot or stabbed and the house will be robbed. Now if that parent has a gun, he doesn’t have to shoot to kill necessarily, but if a robber sees a gun in the house and gets shot at chances are the robber will flee the house. Another major
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importance of the Second Amendment was to allow the American citizen to control the army. The founders knew that with state militias, all of them combined could overwhelm any oppressive standing army. In the event of an oppressive dictator using a standing army to his advantage the state militias could overthrow the dictator and reinstate the republic. (Alters)
The modern debate over gun control is between Collective Rights and Individual rights. Most advocates for Individual Rights have the same ideals as the founders as in that they want the individual American citizen to have the right to keep and bear arms like the Bill of Rights says they are allowed to. Collective Rights advocates are all for gun control. They want nothing more than to end gun violence by seizing weapons and giving them to the government. This ideal is anti-constitution and should be shut down.
The major point over the whole topic of gun control is that it is unconstitutional. The Bill of Rights says it strictly in the 2nd Ammendment, “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It doesn’t get more plain than that. Citizens of the United States of America have that constitutional right to own firearms. They also have the right to form militias. These rights are under attack from the Collective Rights advocates on the political...

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