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Gun Control: Opposing The Removal Of Guns From American Citizens

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Because of many incidents involving handguns, and any other type of gun, the government has been trying to push a gun ban law. As a result of this rumor and possible law, there have been numerous outbursts of support and resistance. Some people believe that banning firearms would be a benefit to our nation’s safety and its population’s safety, while others oppose this proposal and say that guns are not the ones that need to be controlled, people should be the ones that are controlled. During this decision, people from different organizations have expressed their own views and thoughts. Gun control has both positive and negative effects on U.S. citizens.
Some organizations report that the removal of firearms will reduce crime rates, deaths, and injuries from guns(Handgun Control Debate). An organization known as “The Brady Center” says that the Second Amendment does not state that people can carry and own handguns and be protected by its laws(Handgun Control Debate). The Brady Center also argues that if a larger amount of guns are available to a child’s reach, there will be more injuries and fatalities among minorities, so they are also trying to present laws and proposals that will protect children from handgun injuries(Handgun Control Debate).
Claire Safran states that in Seattle, Washington, guns are plentiful and that there could be more deaths and injuries in that city than others because of the amount of illegal handguns in the city that owned by gangs and criminal organizations(Roleff, 17). Carl T. Bogus, a visiting professor at Rutgers University School of Law Enforcement in Camden, New Jersey says that private ownership of guns is hazardous to American citizen’s safety, and suggests that all handguns should be outlawed and removed(Roleff, 34). Bogus also says that handguns make this country even more violent than it needs to be(Roleff, 35). There have also been references to second amendment that it states that the ownership of handguns rights are not protected, and that it should be easy to make a law to ban them(Roleff, 82). Another person also says that stricter laws on gun control is needed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of other citizens of the United States(Roleff, 144). Handgun control inc. also supports tough and stricter gun laws and states “waiting periods will reduce the number of criminals who obtain handguns”(Roleff, 153).
People like Larry Elder question the amount of gun control actions that have taken place in the past few years and wonders why more action has not taken place because of all these incidents(More Gun Control). There have been estimates that America has the most injuries and murders due to guns than any other country in the world, and that America has one of the largest crime rates because of the fact that guns are everywhere and are in the hands of the wrong people(More Gun Control). The Brady Act has taken provisions in several states and reports that the homicide rates have...

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