Gun Control: Shoot It Down Essay

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Gun Control:
Shoot it Down

Barack Obama once said, “We’re a nation that believes in the second amendment, and I believe in the second amendment.” The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. Gun control is redundant and unconstitutional. By enacting gun control you are taking away a person’s second amendment right. Gun control advocates believe that stricter gun laws will keep firearms out of the wrong hands. They are confident that if delinquents do not have the opportunity to get weapons the crime and murder rate will decrease. Gun Control and stricter gun laws absolutely will not make the crime and murder rate decrease.
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The Crime rate will not decrease because of Gun Control.
Of 5,340,000, only 8% of violent crimes in the United States are committed with a gun per year. Violent crimes are still going to happen with or without a gun. There are other weapons that are used in violent crimes including knives, blunt objects, and many other easily obtainable objects. Based on a study published in the “Journal of Quantitative Criminology”, civilians used guns to defend themselves 989,883 times per year. A survey conducted by the CDC stated Americans use guns to frighten away intruders 498,000 times per year. If guns away from law abiding citizens, they will be left defenseless in times of robbery and home invasions.
Stricter gun laws are most definitely not the solution to ending future tragedies. In most cases, including the Newton Massacre, the guns that are used during the crime are not owned by the offender. Most of the time the weapons used are family owned or stolen. It doesn’t matter if guns are banned or not criminals will get their hands on them if they want them bad enough.
There are guns everywhere in the United States. There are also drugs everywhere in the United States. If the law cannot stop the drug problem in this country, then how could the law stop guns from moving in the United States? Criminals think they are above the law. People who are felons today have guns. What is going to stop anyone else who does not follow the law from trying to get firearms of their own?
Gun Control advocates believe that stricter gun laws will keep firearms out of the wrong hands. They believe that being unable to carry a gun on the street increases the chance of someone innocent being shot. If you are being mugged a concealed weapon could be a last line of defense. If you do not have it you could be seriously injured. They also say that guns are too easy to get.
Chicago is one of this nation’s most dangerous cities. Chicago has some of the most strict gun laws a state could have and they still have the highest crime rate in the United States. In 2012 there were over 500 gun-related deaths in Chicago alone. It is now over 10% more than what it was in 2005.
Residents in Chicago are unable to purchase firearms unless they have their FOID, which is issued by the Illinois state police. FOID is an acronym for Firearms Owner Identification Card. For residents to obtain a concealed carry permit, they...

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