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Gun Free Isnt Safe Essay

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Have you ever thought about allowing college students and faculty to have guns on campus, although security is on campuses, some campuses are still dangerous. Therefore students also faculty should be allowed to carry guns. The following passages will explain why college students and faculty should have guns.
In February 1 ,2014 One Michigan state student was killed and another wounded by a shooting inside of an campus apartment. The student name was Dominique Noff. He got shot ultiple times and was rushed to the hospital, then later died.
Conversely in Georgia a student with a gun saves lives. Two men who were attending the college decided to rape a woman at a party and kill the rest of the people. but the student took action and pull out his gun and tried to scare the men off. But they would leave because they thought his gun was fake. He shot the two men and they were arrested.
Should guns be allowed on campuses. Statistics show that forty percent of the people say students and faculty should have guns. This argument developed the phrase guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Guns could be used for safety reasons not only to do bad. College students could use guns to protect thereselve from harm and danger also faculty.
Will guns make campuses safer. Yes according to a college in Pennsylvania. They also agree. Since the installed the new gun law and permitted students and teachers to have guns. Crime rates in college has dropped tremendously. Less student were shot and their were less accidents involving guns. Also less arguments and less break-ins.
Are college students responsible enough to carry guns. No because most college students are still immature, irresponsible and also childish. Some college student would let others borrow it or lose it.
Should their be a special law for students with guns on campus. Yes, students should go through special training and objectives . They shouldn’t be allowed to bring the guns out of there dorms. Unless there’s an emergency. And if they bring it out of their dorm for no reason. They should get a first warning and if they repeat the offence they should get their weapon taken from they or expulsion.
Should there be a gun license to have a gun. Yes you should have a license. But students...

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