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Gun Law Reformation Essay

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Would you rather have people own a gun, especially your neighbors? Firearms are tools intended for harm against others. However, it is also common for people to misuse firearms for their own purpose. People at war use guns to harm others, totaling in millions of death due to guns. Additionally, most crimes in the world involve the use of guns. There are even arms dealers out there illegally selling weapons to the wrong people. Banning specific weapons in general won’t change the fact that people can still kill others with anything. Banning guns in general wouldn't matter to criminals. Weapons such as shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles are still possible to illegally possess. They would still have access to these weapons and its citizens won’t have anything to protect themselves with. President Obama should know that we have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves if that situation should arise. Reforming gun laws is the right step towards a better place because it can prevent shootouts, save lives, and promote security.
Without the reformation of gun laws, there is a possibility of frequent shootouts. There are many people who possess guns without the proper background check. There are possibilities of avoiding background checks by buying guns from unlicensed sellers and on the internet. Take the shootout at Colombia mall for instance. According to investigative reporter, Mike Hellgren, the criminal stated that he wrote in his journal his records of mental illness and mentions that he was prepared to die after the shootout. Even though he had a case of a mental illness, he somehow was in possession of it. However, reality shows that a city that is filled with armed civilians has decrease chances of crimes from happening. Take the military base for instance. Places with an armed society rarely had shootouts. In addition to, about 79 percent of gun owners say having a gun makes them feel safer while the rest say otherwise. Furthermore, about 40 percent of non-gun owners say that they would be comfortable having a gun. (PewRecearchCenter) With the dangers of others present, rarely anyone will try to risk their lives for something trivial. Having a proper background check is one of the right steps towards reforming gun laws.
Lives can be saved if guns are restricted from the wrong hands. The Supreme Court has ruled one of many gun law reformations, cited by Supreme Court decision District of Columbia v. Heller, which reiterated the right to bear arms is far from unlimited. (ThinkProcess) In the year since Newton shootings, 39 state laws have tightened restrictions on guns, but 79 states have loosened them. (Associated Press) Many lives can be saved if tragedies are prevented because of the reformation of gun laws. However, guns are also necessary to save lives and to protect others. It was commonly stated throughout the public that guns don’t kill people but people do. Although this may be true, it is also true that guns have the...

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