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Gun Laws Essay

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People ask the government for change but cry out “unconstitutional!” There needs to be stricter gun laws in the United States. It isn’t a coincidence that the United States is the only country that treats gun ownership as a human right and has the highest number of gun related injuries of any developed country in the world. The U.S. take on gun control has been controversial since the late 20th century. Many nationally recognized events such as Columbine, Sandy Hook Elementary and Tucson occurring, people continuously flip-flop on whether to create more gun laws or keep it as is. The Second amendment to the U.S. constitution which holds the right to bear arms is becomes substantially more important to politicians during the election season. A vast majority of Republicans show a more conservative appeal with opposition to stricter gun laws, while directly opposite of the spectrum with democrats favoring the idea of stricter laws. Gun rights and Gun control groups have lobbied for decades to aid in creation of legislation in their favor.
People in the U.S. don’t take the violence into much consideration until a horrific story of violence occurs in a public place. “Right now it’s the awful story of a 12-year-old who took a semi-automatic weapon from home and then killed a teacher… at a middle school in Nevada. Before that, it was the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Before that it was Newtown. And before that is was Perry Hall, Aurora, Tucson and Columbine… and tomorrow it will be somewhere else.” When a nationally recognized event occurs, it is a trending topic on twitter, main streamed on Facebook, and reposted on Instagram. Everyone is appalled; they turn to the government to make something happen. People protest for days, speaking on how the violence is getting out of control. Crying mothers are all over the news testifying about their lost child, and pleading for the government to change things. The government attempts the process of legislation, but later gets shut down. For example, in 1976, the District of Columbia passed the Firearms Control Regulations Act 1975. The law banned the ownership of handguns, automatic/semi-automatic firearms as well as unregistered possession of a firearm. The law excluded police officers and guns registered before 1976. The law also required firearms that are kept in the home to be unloaded, locked away, and disassembled. The law was kept in effect until June of 2008 in the court case D.C v. Heller. A D.C. special police officer applied to register a handgun to keep at his home, but the District denied his request. He therefore filed a lawsuit on the grounds of violation of the second amendment. The case lifted the 30 year gun ban but only applied to federal laws. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that the right to bear arms applies to the states as well as federal law in the case of McDonald vs. Chicago. The broadcasting is over; everyone forgets and calls the laws an infliction on their rights. No more crying...

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