Gun Ownership And The Second Amendment

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Gun ownership and the Second Amendment have come under fire in recent years in the wake of major tragedies such as the Newtown, Aurora and Tucson shootings, amongst other major shootings. Although gun control is not a recent idea, it has grown attention and is argued by more liberal leaning individuals, who tend to believe more in gun control, that guns should be strictly regulated or completely outlawed, while more conservative leaning individuals, who are more in favor of gun rights, believe that regulations on firearms should be lessened or abolished completely. The major issues involving firearms are whether gun control is unconstitutional, whether increases in gun ownership correlate to increases or decrease in gun related crimes, whether certain or all individuals should not be in possession of firearms, and whether gun control laws actually decrease gun related crimes. The issue of gun control is national issue, as it affects every individual in the country, whether they own firearms or not. Since it is a national issue, this essay will focus on gun control from the perspective of a gun advocate and provide evidence as to why gun ownership must be preserved and enforced. If gun control measures become too severe, civilians would be disarmed against criminals who would cause them harm, as the civilian population would have no way to defend themselves.
Since gun control is a largely controversial issue, there are many political individuals and groups on both sides of the issue that struggle to either preserve gun ownership or increase regulations on firearms. In recent years, gun control supporters, such as President Barack Obama, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, have sought to create stricter gun control laws, while gun supporters such as Senator Mitch Connell, Senator John McCain, former House Representative Ron Paul and the National Rifle Association, are fighting to preserve the right to bear arm. The more liberal side of the spectrum is more gun control focused and seeks on creating stricter gun laws while the more conservative side is more pro-gun focused and wants to preserve the right of the people to bear arms. Do to their strong opinions either for or against gun control, neither side is willing to compromise with each other on the issue, instead opting for a winner take all strategy. Some of the proposed gun control measures include universal criminal background checks on all gun sales, reinstating the assault weapons ban, limiting ammunition magazines to 10 rounds or less, funding for research on gun violence and allowing doctors to question patients about gun ownership (Obama's Gun Control Proposal).
The proposed Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 sought to ban weapons that had characteristics, similar to that of "military" style weapons with features such as pistol grips, folding or detachable stock, and other features that the Assault Weapons Ban sought...

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