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Gun Prevention Act Essay

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This bill will set up a stringent law on gun registration industry background checks on gun purchasers. The good of the law will be to decrease the rate of suicide, prevent teens from obtaining weapons and also focus on gun ownership for persons who are mentally ill.

The Congress hereby finds and declares that close to 33,000 Americans were the victims of gun related death in 2011. Gun violence has been a serious issue in the United States; however, it has been found that states with stricter gun control laws have fewer deaths from gun-related violence. Recently, residents in certain areas are living in danger, because they might be the next victim in the gunfights. To tell the truth, guns bring negative effects to the residents in the United States, where most of all the suicides are committed with guns, especially use it by teens. Moreover, lack of treatment and background check for mentally ill is the leading cause of massacre, where once happened in the Virginia Tech University. Likewise, misuse of gun by youth might be considered a threat to the residents, which increase the homicide rate in the United States. Overall, the U.S has become an unsafe environment for American citizens, where its death rate is ten times higher than any other developed nations. Nowadays, Congress has not come up with a solution for these issues. In order to prevent the violence and to reduce the death rates, laws must establish to set restrictions on the background check and gun ownerships.
United states, consider as the world’s most dangerous country, where has a lot of people died from gun crimes. In 2010, guns took the lives of 31,076 Americans in homicides, suicides and unintentional shootings, about 85 deaths per a day and 3 deaths within an hour. Guns become the biggest problem that leads to these deaths, however, no one pay close attention to it. Based on these data, Obama has once concluded that, here in America, the murder rate is three times what it is in other developed nations. The murder rate with guns is 10 times what it is in other developed nations. Indeed, it leads to the dread of the society. Along with this, a statistic has shown Oakland is on the top list of dangerous cities, where has the most gun-related crimes throughout the United State. A city with more than 4,000 armed robberies this year and more than 4,000 cases of gun-related crime last year, in the equivalent of at least 10 cases are gun-related. The most recent shooting in Oakland was a Monday evening, where it happened on the sidewalk. A shooter approached a group and started the fight, which in a result of wounded two men in a critical condition. Previously, more people own guns to secure themselves, thus, more guns in society leads to more tragedies.
Suicide becomes one of the serious issues in the American society, in which lead to the increase in death rates. A professor of Health Policy and Management, Matthew Miller, found that in states where guns were prevalent—as in...

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