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Gun Violence Essay

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The right as an American to own a firearm has always been apart of our history. However, recent events have put into the question the second amendment and whether or not it still holds any real purpose in our society. Gun violence has constantly occurred throughout our history and has always been a problem to end. It wasn’t until recent that activists became so passionate about enforcing stricter gun laws or abolishing the second amendment all together. What would cause such a drastic upheaval? The answer to that is, constant reoccurrence of mass shootings all over the country, including ones involving young children. Once children started becoming casualties of these horrific events, society really felt obligated to try and do something in order to prevent any further shootings.
In order to try and accomplish this, concerned parents and citizens started debating whether or not guns where still necessary in today’s time with all the law enforcement that we have to protect us. Their argument was that the second amendment was written in a time where the possession of weapons was necessary in order to survive in the hostile environment we were living in as such a young, undeveloped, and inexperienced country. In todays time there is nothing to fear because law enforcement protects us in our every day lives and if we were ever to go to war we have a military system that is ready to protect our country so that we as citizens don’t have to.
However, in spite of all the reasons for stricter gun laws or even all the reasons why we don’t need guns at all, I think the we still have the right to bear arms in order to protect ourselves. Whenever a mass-shooting incident occurs the blame always shifts to guns and the laws that make it so easy for people to obtain them. It is never that simple since each situation involving guns is conducted by a different individual every single time. This brings up not just one problem but a large and complex amount of problems since there is no one solution for these events. The problem isn’t guns but the people who carry them. “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is one of those quotes that many gun advocates use in there own defense, however, the truth is that people use guns for what they were made for, killing. So the blame isn’t the guns because that is there purpose, to end life, the blame is the people. Instead of putting all the blame on guns and the law we need to focus our attention on the people who commit these crimes and see why they committed them because finding the solution to what caused them to grab a gun and murder is the real solution to our “gun problem”.
Gun owners also have a hard time with even the smallest change to the gun laws because of what happened in the 1970s. All this talk of finding a compromise to minimize these events will always be viewed as skeptical because of Pete Shields. Pete Shields described the process of how to fully make guns illegal and it started with very...

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