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Preservation of the 2nd Amendment

     When our forefathers sat down to write the bill of rights they made ten basic rules or freedoms that all Americans are entitled to. For hundreds of years no one has questioned any of those freedoms, that is until recent years. The second amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms. The purpose of this amendment is to be able to form a militia in order to be able to overthrow a repressive government. In recent years the availability and number of guns in the United States has increased. With the media tracking and recording violence, some Americans have begun to question the 2nd amendment’s relevance.
With the spree of school and adolescent shootings over recent years there has been an outcry for the prohibition of gun ownership. However, will banning guns stop the rising violence in American culture? It is my belief that we cannot ban guns to solve the violence in our country.
In Michael Moore’s film “Bowling For Columbine” he tries to discover the correlation between guns and violence in America. Through his research and findings he reveals that although our Canadian neighbors have a higher gun ownership rate than ours, their gun-violence ratio is far less then America’s. “Bowling for Columbine” looks deeper into the matter to sniff out the real cause for America’s violent behavior. Moore examines how fearful American culture is and points at the media and government’s scare tactics to be a mere marketing ploy. He shows a commercial from a metal detector company who is encouraging the school to require uniforms. The commercial shows a student wearing baggy pants who then proceeds to pull out a small arsenal out of his pants. Moore’s view is that within fear and insecurity of our culture is profitability.
The National Association of School Psychologists released a...

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