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Guns and violence have some long lasting effects on not only the crime rate, but the rights that people have to own guns themselves. Even though the violence is a factor in why many believe that guns should be banned, guns should be allowed and not banned because they should be allowed because of the laws and the rights of citizens allow them there rights. The ethics and laws that occur with the current and enduring debates are another meaningful point. As Supreme Court Cases rage on about how a cities ban on handguns could break amendments, this is how the topic has gained from it (Hoxie 474). As crime statistics begin to rise there are many reasons that they need to work on the juvenile justice system (Collier 478). The other topic of the age could become a factor is another point that many think needs to be changed, as a 13 year old child could commit murder, they would not be sentenced as severely as an adult (Cohen 481). The ethic and laws play a huge effect on guns and violence because of the effects it has on crime, and the citizens themselves play a huge role on the society that they live in.
Violence has been connected with guns in today’s society. For this reason a lot of cases have ended up in courts to try to decide what the truth about the second amendment is. As the U.S. Constitution guarantees people the right to bear arms. Not only is this but there debates about this amendment, that look to strike down the law in effect. There have been laws banning the ownership of handguns, which has been an attempt to stop the violence in districts. Many are searching for the correct way to regulate dangerous or potentially dangerous weapons, by doing this they would make the ownership of them illegal (Hoxie 474). But is there any reason they should ban something just because it can kill someone, many believe not due to the fact that tobacco products kill people and it's not illegal (475). Many believe that if guns are made illegal that there will be more violence due to how they receive the weapon most likely illegally. As there are many kids that have obtained guns without their parents even notice, they can bring tragedy to their schools, as kids are likely to open fire on other kids if they would obtain a gun. It would not be the first time a child would have done this, as it happened in Paducah, Kentucky as three children were killed in the lobby by a fourteen year old. He was charged as a juvenile, as he was just a child (Collier 477). There are many statistics that prove to be a major factor on why the juvenile system will most likely be revamped. Most states have a way of sending children to a juvenile court, where they can only be found “delinquent” and placed in a facility. This has been the normal way of taking care of it for quite a long time and many believe that this law or rule needs to be changed.
Crimes are linked to guns and the violence they bring in many ways. They can corrupt adults and even their kids. As a child...

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