Guns Are Destroying America Essay

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Gun control in the United States has been a major debate for hundreds of years. Many people believe that guns should be highly regulated while others believe that anyone should have the ability to own one. Each side has a plausible argument. Throughout this essay it will be show how not having gun control can increase violence and death rates, the right for everyone to own a gun is not guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and how over usage of guns has played a role in the diminishing populations of animals.
Violence related to guns is a prominent issue in America. Guns are a means to an end; meaning guns have played a strong role in suicides, murders, and injuries. In the past decade there has been an average of 400-500 thousand incidents of firearms per year (Gun Violence). The number of injured people from firearm incidents in the United States per year for the past decade is 400-600 thousand people (Gun Violence). These statistics are absolutely shocking to anyone. The amount of violence and crime that comes from guns is enormous. It is imperative that proper gun control is put into place by means of background checks and proper training. It can almost be certain that the number of incidents of accidental discharges from children and the number of victims affected by gun crimes in general can be highly reduced.
Many people believe that owning any type of guns is a guaranteed right under the Second Amendment; this is not necessarily true. The Second Amendment of the U.S Constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This Amendment therefore grants people the right to own a gun. The Amendment does not specify which types of guns must be allowed, just that there must be a gun that can be bought. Therefore, as there is not an explicit statement saying that “all guns are allowed” there is no conflict between a law that outlaws specific types of guns. Also, this Amendment states that the purpose of owning the gun is for militia purposes. In U.S Supreme Court Case Presser V Illinois, it “upheld the States' authority to regulate the militia and that citizens had no right to create their own militias or to own weapons for semi-military purposes” (Presser), meaning owning a gun for militia purposes, the right at which the Second Amendment grants, is at the discretion of the state in which one resides.
The majority of gun owners use them primarily for hunting, rather than self-defense. While guns can are used for self-defense, as the primary purpose stated under the Second Amendment, mostly guns in todays’ society have become a tool to be used for fun and sport. This “sport” that it has been called is the killing of animals for food and accomplishment. While many laws have been enacted to limit hunting, through certain restrictions on when certain animals can be hunted, it is still not enough. Species of animals have still...

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