Guns Aren't All Bad Essay

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Have you ever been hunting or shooting? Have you seen an Olympic sport with shooting? Think about losing that because people have the wrong idea about guns. Some people think guns are “all bad.” They also think guns are the cause of ever death, but there aren’t. Guns have seven different good purposes and should not be judged on just the negative, proving that banning guns would also take away the good qualities guns have to offer.

In the second amendment of the constitution it gives the right for civilians to bear arms. Banning guns takes guns away from the innocent. In America approximately 270 million firearms are possessed by civilians. A 1994 survey was conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Americans use guns just to frighten away intruders who are breaking into their homes. This happens about 498,000 times per year. In the same survey civilians said if they didn’t have a gun someone would have been killed. It is incorrect to think that guns are the cause of most deaths.They are most common way of death is obesity and the second is smoking. Only 13,000 of 100,000 deaths are killed with a gun. Gun related murder is extremely rare, accounting for only .005% of all deaths in our country in the last year.

You may think guns only have a few different purposes but guns are used in many different things. Guns are used in Olympic games like a biathlon. A biathlon is a winter Olympic sport which combines cross country skiing with precision shooting. There is also a summer biathlon. In a typical race, a Biathlon is required to with his or her rifle over a set distance to a shooting range, where five shots are used to knock down targets. Guns are also used just to have fun with. You can go range shooting . A shooting range is a specially designed and designated area to practice shooting a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or bow. Marksmen, sportsmen, and law enforcement officials are examples of people...

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