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Guns In America Essay

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Our founding father gave American citizens the right to bear arms, but was that the best idea or was it even the safest idea? Many Americans today own a gun and the majority use their gun in a safe manner. However, when the gun was first invented, it was intended to kill whether that be hunting, self-defense, or in battle. The gun is still to this day intended to kill and will always hold that purpose. Americans were given the right to bear arms in a time of need during the end of the revolutionary war, where there was still opposition from loyalists, in the early years of the country. Over the past two centuries, guns have become more advanced way beyond any beliefs of the founding fathers. Guns in America are not benefiting society but harming us, it has now become evident that gun control laws are ideal for America.
Of course it is a crime to use the gun in a wrong way, but it is not a crime to carry one. The United States has given the right to possess a gun and use it in anyway. A gun is a weapon in any way you look at it. According to United States-Gun Facts, Figures and the Law there are 270 million guns in the United States, which equals 90 guns for 100 people (Alpers, Rossetti, Wilson, Royet). Guns continue to grow in numbers in this country and so do the number of deaths by guns. Is there any answer to this problem or, to some people is this even a problem? Why do we need them?
A good example of gun safety is the United Kingdom. There are only 4 million guns (licit and illicit) in the United Kingdom that is about 7 guns for every 100 people (Alpers, Wilson, Rossetti, Salinas). The rate of registered firearms per 100 people is only 4 (Alpers, Wilson, Rossetti, Salinas). Guns are rare to find the U.K. In 2011 only 146 people died by guns compared to the 31,163 in the U.S (Alpers, Wilson, Rossetti, Salinas) The numbers clearly prove that less guns kills less people.
Human lives are at risk everyday with guns being such an abundant commodity. A place without guns is a place without worry. Wayne Lapierre (CEO of the NRA) (National Rifle Association) made the comment “More good guys with guns stops the bad guys with guns”(Meek). These comments are true; on the other hand without the gun there would not be a bad guy with a gun. Right? That getting rid of guns nearly impossible and will never happen because there are 270 million of them in America, which is astronomical (Alpers, Rossetti, Wilson, Royet). Clearly something needs to be done in order to solve an ever-growing crisis in this country.
Of course the media hypes up political agendas around guns, but Americans also have their own opinions about guns. The majority of Americans wish to have stricter gun laws, 58% as compared to the 34% that say kept as is and the 6% who want less strict laws (Guns). Americans want something done about guns. Listen to the people.
With the recent mass shootings such as Aurora and Sandy Hook elementary school gun control talks have ramped up, but...

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