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Guns In High School: For The Betterment Of All

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There are an abundant number of places in this country in which you would expect to see people advocating the reduction or revocation of gun control laws. The first places to come to mind would be Montana or Colorado, because of the more rural connotations those places have been given in the popular media outlets such as movies, magazines, and television. Montana is depicted as a state where there are large sweeping plains and horse ranches over every horizon, while Colorado is a land of mountains and forests with a very small amount of urban invasion. This argument however comes out of Brooklyn, from a Midwood High School newspaper deep in the boroughs of New York. Considering the fact that in a national gun ownership survey only 18 percent of the residents polled in New York owned a firearm of any kind, the fight for more relaxed laws would mean more to the author because the laws are so strict. Jacob Berk, class of 2012, writes in the school paper about many varied topics that are a part of the lives of the school readers, from subjects as apparently trivial as whether it is better to ride a bike or take the bus to school in the morning to subjects as charged as this one about the current state of gun control laws. This particular article addresses the dangers of gun control and how they affect the crimes rates of various states. Even at such a young age Berk is speaking insightfully about a variety of subjects making it difficult to see his youth on the page. Because Berk has no authority on his own as of yet he uses many facts to back his argument and give it credibility, from statistical sites such as,, and Berk draws upon his own life experiences and observations for the opinions he represents in his writing and then finds facts online to back them up and help him get his point across in a meaningful manner. This is in contrast to how most other writers in Berk's age range write, speaking without any actual facts to back them up, only their opinions on the subject and what they believe should be done. While Berk may not be able to reach out and set the world on fire with the opinions he is expressing, he uses logic and sound reasoning to try to start a flame in each reader’s heart with his wise words. His audience is primarily the high school students at Midwood High along with some smaller numbers that include: faculty members, families of school attendees, and randomly placed college students in need of an argumentative article to analyze, this makes writing such a charged article a risky idea because of its possible effect on the community. Berk is risking alienation from his friends that may not share his views on the subject of firearms as well as area families that may see him as unstable or dangerous. This is because, to most modern Americans, the notion that guns are a good thing for the public to have and to own is an idea that is being stomped out and replaced with the...

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