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Guns Should Be Regulated Essay

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Regulate Guns
In the United States, we will let almost anyone purchase a gun. We need to regulate these dangerous weapons and provide a safer environment for our citizens. There has been a debate in our government for a long time concerning how and when guns should be regulated. It seems that most people who are against gun control do not care or do not understand that regulating guns is a necessity for safety. If guns were more regulated we would not have as many accidental shootings or planned, deliberate shootings by those with mental health issues.
People who have mental health issues are allowed to purchase weapons and live in houses where there are guns readily available and not ...view middle of the document...

He used two legally obtained assault rifles and a revolver. He killed five and injured seven during the shooting. He later died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Even back in 1999, we were having issues with guns. Silvio Leyva, a hotel worker, came to his workplace, killed a woman outside then killed four coworkers inside. He shot three other people and injured them. He also had legally obtained semi-automatic handguns. Out of the 143 weapons that were used during the mass shootings, ¾ of them were legal.
There are children in the United States that have access to guns like they do school or water. Too many homes have unlocked guns that are fully-loaded and easily accessible to the children living there. It is a tragic event when a child accesses a gun and then has a terrible accident and shoots another child or their parent. In Philadelphia, a two year old boy shot his 11-year-old sister with a .357 caliber handgun that had an 8 inch barrel. The gun was brought to the house by the mother’s boyfriend and placed on top of the refrigerator; it was loaded. The children must have found the gun and there were four children playing with it before the little girl ended up dead. Then there is the case of Cassie Culpepper, who was shot by her 12-year-old brother while riding in the back of a pick-up truck. Her father had lent the gun to her brother to scare coyotes and he was playing with the gun, believing that he had unloaded the weapon, pointed it at his sister and pulled the trigger. She began to bleed from the mouth and was killed. In Houston, Texas, in 2013, a 15-year-old boy was searching a closet for snack money and found a loaded Glock pistol. He was handling the gun when it went off and shot an 11-year-old, by the name of Alex Whitfield. Alex was killed. His family found the bullet in his ashes after they
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cremated him. It is a shame that we...

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