Guns, The Military And The Media's Depiction. From Columbine To Camera.

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1."…the many fine sensibilities of Hollywood's designers, artists, cameramen, lighting men, directors and composers had lent themselves, even if coincidentally, to the establishment of powerful bonds between the emotional fantasy-generating substance of films and the material objects those films contained" (Charles Eckert). Discuss.The objective of this research paper is to discuss the reasons why American military and arms manufacturers are investing their marketing energies into the placement of their products within Hollywood cinema. In order for me to successfully research this recent gun placement phenomena I intend to investigate a range of news articles that surround this topic that reveal the financial, promotional and psychological benefits of these gun placements for large American arm manufacturing companies. I aim to use a range of primary sources that date back to the infamous Columbine school massacre of 1999- a tragedy that instigated a mass transition in America's ideological perspective toward the depiction of guns and their promotion portrayal through the media.I believe it will be important for me to date my primary research from this episode onward because of the effect these shootings had on the international world media's coverage and enquiry into the role that the American film and television industry play in promoting the visual culture of guns and violence. I will therefore use primary sources from the Wall Street Journal dating from the Columbine incident of 1999 to the more recent media coverage surrounding the Virginia Tech shootings in March 2007. I will also try to draw on resources from a series of other printed news articles in order for me to expand my discussion into what extent television and film industry's can invest fantasy-generating substance into the material value and representations of Hollywood's guns and weaponry.This essay will be divided into two main factions, firstly I will discuss the notoriety associated with the Navegar Inc.'s semi automatic TEC-9 machine gun by drawing references from articles within the Wall Street Journal that discuss the corporate response from Navegar to the role and portrayal of their gun within the popular American television series Miami Vice. In this discussion I aim not to debate the function of guns within film and television narratives, moreover I aim to explore television and films ability to produce Eckert's perceived "emotional fantasy-generating" relationships between the physical placement of these guns and their representation to the media consumer. I will build upon this argument by discussing to what extent these gun manufacturing companies are actively engaged with their products placements within television and how they feel about the subsequent media reactions to them. From these arguments I hope to develop a link between the product placement of guns and the subsequent financial and promotional benefits inherited by the gun manufacturing companies...

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