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Gutierez Essay For Introduction Of Theology Xavier University Essay

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Jordan McDowell
Dr. Farmer
Discuss how Gustavo Gutiérrez’s quotation of Dietrich Bonhoeffer is meaningful and significant: “Freedom is not something man has for himself but something he has for others” [p.24] and what is the relationship to and theological importance of this statement with regard to Gutiérrez’s distinction between liberation and development, his insistence that “there is only one history” [ p. 86], and to the statement by Quijano that “the colonization of America, its immediate consequences in the global market, and the formation of a new model of power are a truly historical change . . . It is a change in the world as such.” [pp. 546-547]
In the past decades we have all saw the wide growth of not only the United States of America but the world by means of technology and understanding of being free. During this time more, different races and people have demanded to truly be free and given the power over their own lives that have been taking for so many years. Although some scholars argue how far we have come, they all have truly misunderstood and not seen that your freedom is not for you but for other people, this is what truly gives people the freedom they want concerning growth and our history.
Majority of people do not understand freedom because they are not free at all. Freedom is something an oppressor will never know. “the term development has synthesized the asperations of poor peoples during the last few decades.” Gutierrez argues that liberation must be connected to the proper development of individuals and social orders and that liberation is not merely concerned with otherworldly issues.
When you live from a qualitative approach that history is one than you will have salvation. As Gutiérrez describes...

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