Man And His Environment Essay

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Over the last few years I have noticed the environment becoming more and more cluttered. This might be because my intelligence has risen and I have noticed details about my environment. I have noticed little things such as some sort of dirt surface lightly covering the side of my house. At first I thought this texture was soil that had blown up in the wind, but after more observation of the wind and air I noticed I was wrong. So I thought the soil was actually smoke coming from a factory that was just less then a mile from my house.

Since I live in the small community of Dowagiac, Michigan I ruled the cause of air pollution out when first investigating. In my mind I placed the blame of the earth substance on a crop duster and his pesticides. Farmers are always in a confrontation with insects because of their annihilation of crops. Farmers will use chlorinated hydrocarbons to spray their harvests, which are poisons to insects as well as any fish, birds, invertebrates, and mammals (Turk pg. 43). This is something a small town boy shouldn't have to be concerned about. He can't catch fish because there all dead, he can't hunt because his prey is dead, and he is in fear of his health.

In 1954 several eastern Illinois communities were sprayed aerially in attempt to kill Japanese beetles. In this effort, numerous "species of birds were almost completely annihilated, ground squirrels were almost eradicated, most farm cats died, and some sheep were even killed"(Turk pg. 43). Yet the Japanese beetles continued to move west. After this a bird or animal may come and eat a chemical infected insect causing them to become sick and die. This could even corrupt the food chain by transporting the pest chemicals in to a human body. This form of chemical usage can be harmful on the whole community.

So I realized the source of the soil was from some sort of air born substance. Sitting outside of my house one day I noticed the smoke coming from the near by factory, without second thought I assumed the soil caked side of my house was from the industrial plant. Other than those sources of pollution, water pollution and solid waste are also a big problem, which are all caused by humans.

Sociological Analysis

One of the biggest environmental problems is the growth of the human population. The demographic tolls on the environment keep growing and cause more damage in each of the categories listed above. "The movement of a country from high birthrates and death rates to low birth rates and death rates followed by the decline of birth rates, usually attributed to economic development" (Palen pg. 152). The more humans there are the more waste they produce. With the growing population more factory jobs are required for production, causing more pollution.

"Since the 1970's a measure of the health of our planet's ecosystem has declined by about 35%. Freshwater ecosystems have been particularly hard hit by a decline of 55%" (Martin...

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