Men Versus Women As Defined By Science And Literature

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Since civilization began, man has done numerous studies of the world’s natural wonders attempting to crack down the world’s seemingly complex and unsolvable mysteries. However, there is one phenomenon that no amount of science or math skills can decipher completely. The relationship between men and women has been a topic of interest for generations. Spectrums consisting from interpersonal relations to the differences of brain functions and development have been studied to achieve a greater understanding of the sexes. Researchers of this age are continuously trying to close the gap of unawareness of Male to Female communication. by knowing more about the about the opposite sex, is a step closer of grasping a better understanding of ourselves.
Today, many people know that Men and Women are different, but few take the time to understand the extent of our disparity. Genetically, both males and females possess similar qualities. Every human being is given exactly twenty three pairs of autosomal chromosomes which determine physical traits shared by both gender groups. However, the last sets of chromosomes are dissimilar which determines the sex of the child. A female’s genetic code contains an XX chromosome pair and a male’s an XY. In addition to these obvious physical differences, there are some characteristics that can be difficult to envisage by most. Even though men and women are genetically alike, they tend to communicate differently. According to basic anatomy, men are driven by testosterone which is the prominent male sex hormone. Testosterone is commonly known as a catalyst in male puberty which promotes facial hair growth, height increase, and muscle mass development. Nevertheless, many tend to overlook the correlation between testosterone and violence. This unspecified component of the male psyche directly effects their communication with females and other males. Deborah Tenned PhD suggests, "For males, conversation is the way you negotiate your status in the group and keep people from pushing you around; you use talk to preserve your independence.” For example, it is not uncommon for a group of males to converse about matters of strength or athletic contests. To feed their superiority complex, men tend to “exaggerate” their attributes to compare or surpass their peers. By doing so, men gain a sense of satisfaction knowing he can perform at a higher level than another person. On the other hand, women are more emotionally driven when it comes to communication. As Estrogen being the primary female sex hormone, it promotes all of the commonly known physical changes that all adolescent girls experience through puberty as well as non physical. Like their male counterparts, estrogen has an analogous effect on the female brain just as testosterone on the males. Rather than using conversation to express power and dominance, they use conversation to connect with other individuals. Females are typically much more passive in nature and more intact...

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