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In the novel, The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck, class conflict and money are presented numerous times. Steinbeck presents this theme by putting the characters through many trials. Using stylistics elements such as personification and allusions, class conflict and money is presented to show the significance of mistrust and dehumanization, as seen in social classes and humanity in general.
Throughout the novel, Steinbeck creates extreme cases of poverty. Poverty, in this case, means the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor. An example of poverty would be when the Joad family buries Grampa instead of having a proper funeral ...view middle of the document...

To him it didn’t, but to the reader and author, the life of the turtle is important. The turtle represents the lower class. To the higher classes like the bank, business owners and merchants, the lives of the working class and the poor are insignificant. The main reason the higher classes even notice the lower classes is mainly because the business owners and merchants suck the poor and working class dry and take their money without a second thought. Another example is when instead of having the landowners come out and inspect their land, they send someone to do it for them. Steinbeck writes, “The owners of the land came onto the land, or more often a spokesman for the owners come” (Steinbeck 42). This quotation shows that the upper classes look down upon the lower classes, believing that they are too good for the lower class to be in their presence.
Throughout the novel, the reader also sees examples of extreme mistrust. People mistrusted one another due to how they were being treated by the upper class. An example of mistrust is when the Joad’s find a place that they could possibly stay and are rejected. “Well you can’t stay here” (Steinbeck 291)....

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