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<H1> How To Save On Wedding Costs </H1>

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A wedding can be a truly memorable event. After all, it only happens once in a lifetime (depending on your relationship skills). With that in mind, a lot of people go ahead and splurge what they can to make it magical – breaking the bank in the process. True, your wedding day would be something you and your guests won’t ever forget; but after it you will have to face the ugly truth that you have to pay off a huge stack of bills for many months after. Of course, if you want to save on your wedding costs, you don’t need to settle for something lesser than what you want and just suck it in. There are a couple of methods to save on wedding costs without sacrificing your dream date (well, just a few corners anyway).
Don’t Over-Accommodate
A wedding coordinator is definitely a must for taking that stress off your shoulders. You won’t have to fight tooth and nail for that wedding hall, or haggle with that wedding giveaway shop that doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. Your wedding coordinator will gladly take that bullet for you. However this doesn’t mean that you always have to leave your decisions to the wedding coordinator. For example, a wedding coordinator might have double-booked your wedding date and end up messing up your dates. Instead of saying that you totally understand and that it’s cool, let them know that you were disappointed and you would take your business elsewhere. Keep in mind that wedding coordinators juggle at least 4 weddings at a time so mistakes can happen. Once they see that you mean business and you’re not a push over, they’ll make things clearer next time and they might even offer your discounts you never knew existed. If you accept everything a wedding coordinator does, whether good or bad, you might end up siphoning off your money more than your budget can allow.
Borrow, Don’t Buy
Before you decide to purchase something, think about weddings you’ve been to recently. There might be an item a past bride wore or used that piqued your interest or you might be able to borrow. You might not even have to look far, since family members and relatives are more than willing to let you borrow something that they (and you will) have only used once. For example, that veil or wedding gown might not be spanking brand new, but remember that it’s only used for one day in your life.
Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate
There may be some items in your wedding list that you definitely want but the price begs to differ. If it’s open to negotiation, don’t hesitate. For example, a live band can definitely turn the wedding party around, for good or bad. And if you really want a particular band but they charge a huge amount for a few hours of gig, then don’t back down and stand your price. Let them know that you mean business and you want them in your wedding. Simply telling them that they are your first choice but their price makes you reconsider someone else, or giving them a heads up that there will be a lot of people in the party who...

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