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How Hawaii Citizens Recieve Fresh Water

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Fresh water is an essential need that is taken for granted. On the south side of Hawaii many have the problem of being unable to access county water lines directly from their home. In the southeastern region it is difficult, as well as expensive, to set up a water line ("Water in South Hawaii"). It cost about $1,580 on average for homeowners to install a water line ("Water Main"). Along some roads, pipes can be seen running up the sides and unfortunately the exposure causes it to sustain frequent damage ("Water in South Hawaii").
Aside for the use of a water line, there is the choice of using a rain catchment tank which is rather common; one out of every three households owning a tank. Rainwater collects from the roof and stores into the catchment tank, unfortunately contaminants can taint the water so it is recommended that the rainwater catchment system is set up properly ("FAQ"). The system should have a food grade liner, a first flush diverter, floating intakes, dual filtration, floating intakes, and a UV sterilization unit. These items can provide cleaner and safer drinking water ("FAQ"). Without these items stored rainwater can be treated if it appears contaminated which can be detected by colouration and smell; chlorination, chlorine tablets, boiling, and sunlight exposure in clear bottled water can destroy bacteria ("Quality of Stored Water"). Water of incomplete tanks is not recommended for drinking.
A well-placed tank requires an annual cleaning of the bottom and replacedment of UV bulbs with monthly and bimonthly changes of filters. Maintaining the area around the tank
should also be done annually as vegetation should not be allowed to grow around the tank ("FAQ"). The overall cost of a complete catchment system can cost around $296.36 per year.
There is also the choice of purchasing commercial water. This service can deliver about 4,000 to 5,000 gallons of water and a clean container or tank must be available to hold the water ("Water in South Hawaii"). Fortunately there is a list of water hauling companies that can be found, though on the downside the cost of this service depends on location. A typical...

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