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Habit Is Stronger Than Reason Essay

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“Habit is stronger than reason”

I believe that habit is, indeed stronger than reason. However, to completely prove this statement we should first understand what exactly constitutes a habit. Habits can be anything from day to day routine like brushing our teeth or combing our hair to the very knowledge we are taught. It is a tendency to do something routinely or on a regular basis or an automatic reaction to certain situations (I want to rethink my definition). Habits are often hard to give up and habitual urges can often be stronger than reason. For example, our sleep patterns are part of our habits. If I were to go to sleep at 3:00am every night, but one day choose to go to bed at an earlier time (say 9:30pm), it would be difficult to simply go to bed at that time despite being aware of the amount of sleep I need to be productive. My body would be used to sleeping at a certain time and altering that habit would be difficult.
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Addictions fit under the vast umbrella of habit; the tendency to do something on a regular basis. Addictions fall under the umbrella of habit and take many habit-like qualities to extremes.
Often habits become so routine that, not only are they stronger than reason, but reason is no longer relevant in any way. Habit becomes something that is done because it is how it has been done for ages. That being said, habits don’t have to be personal or specific to an individual. They can be a notion or piece of knowledge habitually passed down through generations. For example, I know that the Egyptians buried dead pharaohs inside of pyramids many years ago. I haven’t witnessed or experienced a pharaoh being buried but I was taught by my history teacher, who was taught by his history teacher and so on. This fact has been habitually taught through generations and again, logic is not completely involved in this knowledge; we are just remembering what we are told.
Sometimes habits are created for a logical reason and are repeated as a sort of routine until they are no longer logical; purely routine. The norms of our society are just habits that have been established years ago. Some good and some bad, they are what we consider regular because our ancestors did. While many of these generational habits are still logical, many seem irrelevant with our modern society. We have evolved, but our habits and traditions have remained the same. Because of this, our society is stuck with traditional habits such as religious holidays. Christmas, for example, stemmed from the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice and a festival to commemorate the birth of their sun god. Since then, it has been adapted by modern religions and now serves as a tradition that we celebrate without reason. We understand that this holiday is no longer reasonable in the way it was but our society couldn't leave a such a habit so strong because reason is no longer relevant.
I believe that everyone has different habits that we have developed, and different ways of living based on these habits that we were taught from a young age. Sure, we change and some habits we change, some we don’t .

-Benjamin Idman

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