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Habitat for Humanity is deserving of funding because they transform the world into a better place. By 2020, over 1 billion people will live in urban slums, which, sustains the urgency of Habitat for Humanity. In the United States 45.8 million people live in urban slums, yet this problem has not been fixed. Almost everyone agrees Habitat for Humanity provides an important charity because their proper housing creates safety for humans. At its basics, Habitat for Humanity confirms the a dire need for each and every person in the world.
Habitat for Humanity assists many people in the rebuilding of houses thus they show a beam of light for people in extreme penury. Habitat for Humanity started out as a small sect of Christians who helped build homes for people in their community. The group grew and it became one of the most premier national charities. Habitat for Humanity then became a very popular international organization and they help people around the world. Everywhere people benefit from the greatness, which is Habitat For Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity aids in one of the most fundamental necessities a human needs because almost everyone needs shelter from the elements. The affordable housing Habitat for Humanity provides helps any person who needs someone to aid them. With the money Habitat for Humanity receives they are able to build houses for less fortunate people. These people express a dire need for help which Habitat For Humanity provides. Habitat for Humanity provides the only logical choice for less fortunate people.

The unfathomably high number of people cannot dwindle if nobody is to contribute towards this cause. Over 826 million people in the world do not live in proper areas because no one has offered any aid for them. With each passing day these people will not receive any help yet the answer to their needs is expressed from Habitat for Humanity. In our own country, 45.8 million people live without proper shelter, which definitely seems like an astounding fact. The only choice, which will help the immediate situation, is to donate to Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity is known to shape the course of someone’s life forever because they help someone get their life back together. Habitat for Humanity uses many people to care for one person because each member on their team cares. Any form of people who need help are accepted by Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity teams up with local communities to help any number of people because they feel a need to help...

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