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Hackers Hacking The Net Essay

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Valuable information or valuables themselves can be stored in protected areas such as banks, stores, or even computers. Wherever they are, there will always be the threat of a criminal mastermind who will attempt to break into these protected areas. In the modern age of computers, banks are no longer the main target of extracting lucrative amounts of money illegally. In this day and age, computers hold an abundant amount of information that can access money. Criminals who break into computer systems electronically are commonly called 'Hackers'. In today's highly technological computer world, the computer hacker is digging their way through our nation's computer systems to embezzle money, create chaos, manipulate figures, and to seek enjoyment. However, hackers are even used for finding security breeches.The birth of hackers in the Sixties, shortly came after the advent of elite engineering students who called themselves 'Phreakers' (1). Phreakers would tap the phone lines in order to place a local or long distance phone calls for free. The motivation came from the Sixties movement to expand tech- nology from the government and large corporations to individuals (1). Phreakers were able to do this because of a mishap by Bell Telephone Systems. Bell published a journal that contained the sequence of multifrequency tones used to place a call (1). This journal was only intended for technicians that worked within the Bell telephone company; however, Bell did not realize that most engineering schools also subscribed to the technical journal (1). Before Bell realized their mistake, it had been photo copied and passed around to many other students before the journal got recalled. These engineering students then developed a box, which every Phreaker refered to it as the 'Blue Box' (1). The Blue Box would mimic tones that are used by the telephone company.The origin of the term Hacker is believed to come from students at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), they developed Hacker from the phrase 'Hack Writer'(2). A Hack writer describes a person that would hack at the typewriter until he or she finished their story.The first generation of Hackers from the Sixties just experimented with software and electronic hardware (3). A computer Hacker would hack computer code, for example he would write pieces of software until it was completed. As Hackers became more knowledgeable, they would attempt to hack into the network structure that tied the government's computers with some of the university laboratory computers.It wasn't until the second generation of Hackers called the 'War Games' generation, which was during the Eighties, that the increasing threat of Hackers breaking into these computer systems increased (3). The Hackers would break-in to gain, alter or destroy information. Hackers would install a 'Computer Virus' or a 'Trojan Horse' that assists the Hacker by altering or Destroying information automatically (5). This created havoc on those who...

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