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Hacking Essay

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Hacking The Technology Age, and the Downfall of the U.S. In today's society, people are always trying to improve technology, but in doing so, are they creating something that can be used to create mass destruction for the United States? Everyday computers get faster, new programs are written, or some scientist finds a way to make a job be done quicker. For most people, they welcome the advancement of science to ease their lives, but it is known that technology can also be used to create havoc, and destroy human beings. The United States is finding out that being a World Power, other countries are jealous. Most understand the word terrorism to mean bombs, and mass murders, but with the evolution of the computer age, terrorism is taking on a whole new meaning. No longer is computer hacking something from a movie, or a sci fi flick, it is now a real danger to the United States. This new technology is being called Cyber Terrorism, and is used by a variety of people. Many radical Rebel groups, and other terrorist groups are using the World Wide Web to preach propaganda, and some U.S. officials believe they are also sending encrypted e-mails detailing when there next attack will be. The Columbian Rebel Group ELN is one of the many terrorist groups known to have a web page on the Internet. The ELN is known mainly for blowing up oil rigs in South America, and for kidnaping foreign executives. Most groups like the ELN uses the Internet to simply tell other's around the world about there organization and to soften there image from what is heard about them in the news. The FBI is very concerned about cyber terrorist, for fear that one might begin an electronic attack, which could shut down power plants, or airports vital to the U.S. "So far it seems terrorist are not abusing the information super highway, but using it. It allows them to explain their cause directly to the people without going through the press and without Government interference." Brain Jenkins, Terrorism expert FBI. There are at least 12 out of 30 groups on the State Departments list of terrorist organizations using the World Wide Web. The Defense Intelligence Agency, also known as the DIA has a list of at least 70 rebel sites that are on the Internet. The DIA believe some terrorist send encrypted e-mails to plan attacks. Studies have shown though, most groups just use the Internet for propaganda, which is legal under Amendment 1 in the U.S. Constitution. The fact that terrorist organizations are using the Internet show that most are quite intelligent and sophisticated. The Government is trying to ward of terrorist attacks and better prepare the Country incase such attack should ever occur. Presidential Decision Directive 63, which is the alliance between industries and the Government to prevent terrorism and computer hacking could work, but only if both private and public sector corporations work with the Government one hundred percent....

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