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Nick Fulbright
Mrs. Schambers
Ethical Hacking and the Differences Between White Hat and Black Hat Hackers
The state of online security is poor, and there is slow progress toward increasing its
protection.Ethical hacking, also known as white hat hackers, are in the good side of hacking and
help The work of ethical hackers is to find bugs and fix them. They beta test companies’
software in order to access and find information. They carry out network scans for bugs, and
information about software bugs is shared online. This means that people are taught to hack, all
with the intention of alerting companies of bugs. This action has been deemed necessary due to
the increased level of crime with a study indicating that nearly 90% of the attacks happen on the
inside. Working on the inside means that there are more chances of infiltrating an attack. The
debate is whether ethical hacking is a good measure or a bad move. Ethical hacking actually is a
good strategy, to look for people who would think like actual hackers themselves and take
advantage of their skills to use it for the good of the organization.
The problem that arises is that teaching hacking to students is a serious matter to
consider. The course leaders are of the opinion that students will learn how to progress intrusion.
It is very hard to know the true intentions of the students thus the debate over why ethical
hacking should be used arises. The availability of the course to students is a chance to curb cyber
crime and should the information lead to more crimes by the same individuals, the society cannot
place blame on the course leaders who offered it in the first place (Graves 237)
In an education sense, teaching students how to hack gives them the ability to hack into
computer systems aided by university lecturers. This threat is deemed too big, but the assumption
is that students may use them for ill purposes. If course leaders stuck with this notion then no
education to combat cybercrime could be disseminated (Engebretson 59). Should there be a need
to use caution, universities could apply security checks and enquire about professional
certificates among other measures in order to find out students with potential malicious aims.
The reason for an interest in a course on ethical hacking could be to improve someone’s C.V. or
interest in security. Without ethical hacking as a security measure, companies would have...

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