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Hacking Away In To Politics Essay

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Many targets of hacktivist groups are of more overtly political nature. LulzSec, in its short career attacked Infraguard a partnership between businesses and the FBI in the Us. It successfully attacked the US Senate and the CIA websites. It defaced the Infraguard website, damaged the senate by realeasing some “Secure” information and hit the CIA by taking its site down for over two hours. It also attacked the UK Nation health Service, but in this case It performed a public service, merely sending the NHS an email informing it of the security vulnerability it had found. There are many many more attacks of this nature, where groups have used this tool that they have to do good, not just evil ...view middle of the document...

A great example of a group that is Single issued is the hacker group Ethical Hackers Against Pedophilia or EHAP. EHAP targets attacks against people or organistions who distribute child related porn pictures or movies. They track the distributors and gather information about and they do their best to remain inside the legal boundaries of the law but they do not reject the use of illegal methods to get the information that they seek. After they gather all the information that is necessary it is sent to Authorities all around to globe to help further investigations and to press charges.
All of the examples above describe groups that conduct attacks against computer systems , organizations, or people using computers. Many hacker groups though combine their efforts to achieve a higher goal. In 1998 when Nuclear power issues were on the rise, this had gained the attentions of a large form of the hacktivist community. Many hackers attacked over 300 websites to make a anti-nuclear protest. This incident was a form of operations of Website Defacement. Website defacement is one of just many tools in the utility belt of a hacker, but it is the most common one that is related to protesting, Other tools/skills include Political cracking, Political Coding, virtual Blockades, Swarming, Web Hacking and Computer Break-ins, and the last and probably the most infectious are viruses and worms.
Political Cracking is considered in the hacktivism community the most outlaw of the protesting. These are the most illegal forms of hacktivism such as defacements, redirects, Denial of service Attacks, sabotage, and information theft. You must take in to account that not all of those are hacktivism but some of them can just be pure hacking.
Political Coding and Political Cracking are separated by a thin and arguably almost transparent line. Think of Political Coding as the more legal side of the two. Their actions are considered “Trasgressive” but not illegal. Alot of these activites are ones like Political Software Development.
Virtual Blockades are something like a sit in, just more computer based. Hacktivists visit a website and attempt to generate so much traffic to the site that other users cannot reach the site or the services that the site provides. Swarming is simple, just like a swarm of bee's. Hacktivists will use things called Email Bombing and generate so much usage that eventually everything just stops. Web hack and computer break-ins are self explanatory in the intent of what they are used for. Viruses and worms are often used to slow destroy a computer or infect computers to gain information.
With out all these tools, the information that is around us today would not be here. These Hacktivist groups are a necessity in the since that if they did not exist, the ability to see, read, or hear this information would not be at the finger tips of the people. It is a choice for what people want to see or hear, but all information should be free and allowed to the...

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