Hacking In The Business Society Essay

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Hacking In the Business Society

From history we can observer that "human society" is easily
influenced, and often mislead. There is a near endless amount of
examples for this, ranging from the Suicidal Sect leaders (David
Koresh http://www.rickross.com/reference/waco/waco321.html ), to mad
dictators, with aspirations of taking over the world. This human
susceptibility of being easily mislead, is clearly apparent when
dealing with the issue of "Hacking", and "Hacking In the Business
Society". The movie industry has played a great role in misinforming
society of who a hacker is, and what they can do. ("How Hollywood
portrays hackers" Andrew Brandet
) For this reason it is essential to define key concepts and
terminology before one can discus this issue.

"Hacking", unfortunately, has become a word, with many various
meanings. For the sake of discussion, hacking will be defined, here,
as: "Breaking into a system", where "system" is defined to be a
computer, server, database, software, or any other source of
computerized information.

Another term that is not evident is "Business Society". The business
society comprises of:

i. Organizations (Firms, Companies, etc)

ii. Employees

iii. Consumers

iv. The Government

v. Hackers

This may seem a strange way to describe the "Business Society", but it
is vital to realize that they all play a very significant role in
Business, and hence all should be included when discussing this

Now that the key terms have been asserted, one must ask "What is the
underlying issue?" It can be encapsulated with the following

Due to the overwhelming rateof technological advancements including
that of "the personal computer",

The Business Societyhas been left in a state of somewhat Ignorance,

Causing a floodof Security threats of a new, higher degree to arise,

Resulting in a panic-drivenattempt to patch or catch-up with these new
level threats,

At the potentialexpense of the Employees, and consumers privacy and

Hacking in itself is not a new affair; it is more the vast
availability of computers that has revolutionized the network security
sector. ("The Era of the Personal Computer"
http://hoc.co.umist.ac.uk/storylines/compdev/pcera/pcera.html). The
fact that computers where becoming very cheap opened the market to
common home users, and computers became very commercialized. Although
this was a great benefit, it also posed a great threat. When the
internet was launched connecting millions of "home PCs", Commercial
Business Servers, and even some Government computers, the arena for
hackers was finally , fully opened. Computers where no longer
restricted to large respectable universities, where PHD students...

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