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Hacking Sweeps The Nation Essay

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“We cannot defend ourselves with a weapon…but we can do this with their cars, homes, bars, brothels and everything else in their possession. It won’t be difficult; we all know who they are and where they are located.” Quoted from an Anonymous member. (Schiller, A.6.) Computer hacking began in the 1950s with an individual looking out for his own personal gains; like free phone calls for instance. The perception of hackers ever since has become very negative. Hacking has evolved over time, with many modern hackers following their own set of values that they believe are, arguably positive motives.
In the early days, many hackers were individuals, looking out for their own personal gains. Student hackers were able to expand computers, and they to made them play music and video games. In 1971, the programmer John Draper discovered that a little whistle that comes in a Captain Crunch cereal box had the same frequency as Phone Company’s used to send calls. His findings allowed him to make free phone calls anywhere in the world. (Clemmit, 767) When the 1980s began, younger hackers actually became professionals in breaching computer networks, this started and uproar of cyber crime incidents in the 1990s. From the 1990s to the 2000s, hackers started to really be recognized as a threat as they hacked into many federal government websites and large companies. This brought great controversy about what approach to take in stopping computer crimes. In the 2000s, hackers managed to make a huge name for themselves and became a main attraction to the public they were able to shut down a nuclear power plant in Ohio by unleashing a worm that disabled important safety systems. (Clemmit, 767)
As time went by the amount of cyber threats increased. In 2009 the hacker group Anonymous (Anon) started to arise, and very shortly went global with group members from almost every single country. From 2009 to present 2011 Anon made many confrontations with very powerful corporations, cartels, and government sites. The rise of these attacks has sparked global attention, that these hackers have already began to cause huge problems. As hackers continued to strengthen their bonds, people began to feel much more threatened. However, forming these groups is what has revolutionized hacking.
A great achievement for hackers was when the group Cult of the Dead Cow, or CDC, discovered the massive flaws in Microsoft Windows operating systems. The CDC was able to make a hacking tool, called BO2K (Meyerson, A.3). This tool utilized the holes in the operating system and was in turn able to gain control of a computer or a network from a remote location. What this means is basically you could use someone else's computer from your own. When the CDC discovered this, all they did was show it to Microsoft at the DefCon convention in Las Vegas. Microsoft actually rejected the idea of fixing it, by Monday of the following week Appalled by a hacking group reveling this to them. “Our position is that...

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