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Introduction:In this report, I will be assessing the potential for cultural and heritage tourism within the borough of Hackney. I will support my findings with theoretical models and research. Hackney is a diverse and multicultural borough within London and is one which has undergone massive recreation in the recent years. Hackney used to be known as an area which had high crime rates and massive social problems, however over the past years, parts of Hackney have gone through major developments and is now very fashionable with a thriving artistic scene in the south of the borough. The borough is also known for its wide green areas with Hackney Marshes (88 football pitches) being the most famous. Hackney recently become the hot spot for tourists and locals as the 2012 London Summer Olympics took place. Many of the big events occurred nearby the Olympic Stadium, VeloPark, as well as the media building. Stamford Hill has the largest Jewish community in London and Europe, which provides the borough with a very different cultural experience for its tourists to visit and experience the diversity which cannot be found anywhere else in Britain or Europe. Throughout this report, I will be assessing the service qualities of various tourist destinations and other visitor services which are available for tourists.Assessing Cultural and heritage resources (300):I have reported my findings from the trip I took to Hackney and noticed that Hackney has various historic and cultural areas. There is a range of historic and archaeological resources currently available in the borough, I have listed the top attractions in the table below which I noticed whilst at the borough. Upon completing my research, I found out that Hackney also has untapped resources that could potentially play an important part in cultural and heritage tourism.



Untapped Resources

Hackney Historic Building Trust

Hackney Museum

London fields

Landmark Hotels

Victorian Music Hall

The building Exploratory

Hackney Marshes


Tower of church of Saint Augustine

Hackney Picturehouse

Hackney City farm

Hackney Town hall

Geffrye Museum

Victoria park

Sutton house

Hoxton Hall

Hackney Empire

East London Art Walks

Hackney has many untapped resources that could play a vital part in the development of its cultural and heritage tourism if they were developed and rehabilitated. By personally visiting the borough and researching, I found that there are not a lot of landmark hotels present within Hackney which is something that needs to be present if they were to develop as a cultural and heritage tourist area. There were hotels present in the borough ranging from ratings of 1 star to maximum 3 stars. However, they were not well known and the customer services were very poor in most of the hotels. Conducting my research, I also noticed that Hackney did not have many cinemas in them for young tourists. The main cinema present...

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