Was Creation Of Pakistan Justified? Essay

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‘The catastrophe witnessed during partition of the subcontinent was only a proportion of what could have happened if the two communities had lived together.’
The creation of Pakistan was indeed justified considering the unfolding of events during the first few decades of the 20th century. Prior to the 20th century the Muslims of the subcontinent focused on education and as soon as they became aware of their own needs and rights they launched their own platform to represent themselves in the government. However, the Congress always nullified Muslims League’s claim that League was the sole representative of Muslims of the subcontinent. This led to a confrontation between the two forces and ultimately creation of Pakistan remained the only hope and solution for the Muslims. The creation of Pakistan was justified due to myriad of causes which include socialogical, political, moral, religious and ethical issues which
The most prominent cause that justified the creation of Pakistan was the innate social differences between the two major communities of the subcontinent i.e. the Muslims and the Hindus. These differences include, The Caste system of Hindus versus the Islamic brotherhood; The Hindus believed in the caste system and were divided in to four major castes namely Brahmans, kshatriya, Waishya and Shudras, whereas; the Muslims believed in the equality of human beings and hence the social fabric of the society was difficult to preserve in these hostile circumstances.
Secondly the social customs of the two communities were entirely and often led to a social discord between the two permanent residents of subcontinent. These included difference of perspective regarding cow. The Hindus considered it as a sacred animal and on the other hand the Muslims slaughtered the cow especially on religious occasions. Furthermore, a harmonious social structure was difficult to form when one community (the Hindus) were vegetarian and the other (muslims) were meat eaters.
Thirdly the Hindus justified the union of the subcontinent by arguing that the two communities had lived in the subcontinent since centuries and hence they could live together in the future as well, however, after the British Empire gained control of the subcontinent the bitterness and conflicts had already surfaced and were further ignited when the Muslims were faced with dual enemies i.e. the British government on the one hand and The Hindu bureaucracy on the other.
Fourthly the Muslims were on the verge of losing their social identity they had lived in the United India as a minority. According to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first elected prime minister of India and also a renowned historian, any community that invaded the subcontinent could only hold power if they Indianized themselves and adopted Indian values and culture. He cited many examples which included Akbar’s reign in the Mughal Empire. Based on the above it can be inferred that the Muslims either...

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