Was The American Civil War Fought To Free The Slaves

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Was the American Civil War fought to free the Slaves?

The American Civil war was fought between the Northern and Southern
States of America. It was a case of the richer and more industrial
versus the poorer and more agricultural. So was the war fought for the
black slaves’ freedom or as just a division between two contrasting
societies in one huge country?

Firstly, there were extremely contrasting views on black slavery
between the North and South. The south being more agricultural needed
slaves as the backbone of their economy to work in plantations. They
believed that the plantations were the only place for blacks to be
good enough to go. Some of the more religious Southerners also
believed that the bible tells them that slavery is neither illegal nor
inhumane. Of course there were others that used it just as an excuse.
The North gave into the fact that they had fought so hard with the
blacks for freedom, why shouldn’t black people be freed as well. They
however believed that in the eyes of god black people should be equal.
These views from the different sides were the building blocks for war.

The tension between the two increased in 1777-1858 as Northern States
banned slavery and there were calls for the central government to
abolish slavery in the South as well. For the North this was a case of
imposing themselves on the South and the South did not like the sound
of that. After Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party came to office
in 1860 they feared that there whole way of life was threatened.
However all president Lincoln was concerned about was saving the Union
as explained in a perplexing speech he gave in 1862 (Source 7, page 29).

The main reason for the war was economic division. The issue of slaves
was a bit on the part, more of a valid excuse for going to war. There
were many economic issues. The two opposites had different ways in
which the economy developed. The North wanted...

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