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Friendship And What Ifs Essay

982 words - 4 pages

Andy picked up Morgan at five from Groovy Vibes. They pulled into the garage and got out of the car. Andy opened the door to the door to the house and took a few steps before he stopped.


Morgan stood still wondering what was wrong.

“You have no idea how embarrassing it was to have my credit card declined. And in front of the girls!” Morgan heard Elaine’s voice although Andy’s mom was nowhere in sight.

“I told you not to worry about it. You spend too much money anyway,” Steve answered.

“You never let me know anything about our finances. I’m always in the dark!”

“What’s the point? You never think about money before you spend it.”

Their voices were coming from the bedroom. A door slammed. Andy resumed walking. He didn’t go to the kitchen or his bedroom. He walked out the front door. Morgan followed him. He sat down on the front step.

“It’s best to leave when it gets like that.” He leaned against the post on the porch.

Morgan sat down next to him. She had a number of questions in her head, but hesitated to ask them. After a few minutes of sitting and waiting Elaine opened the front door and stuck her head out.

“There you are. I’ll be at Grandma’s if you need me.” She closed the door before either Morgan or Andy could answer.

“Just wait here a few more minutes,” Andy said.

Elaine backed her car out of the driveway and she drove off without another word. A moment later Steve drove his car down the driveway and he pulled in front of the house and stopped. He lowered the window.

“You’re on your own for dinner. Make sure you are home by 10:00.” He raised the window and drove off.

“Where’s he going?”

“Country Club probably. He’ll be back tonight.” Andy stood up and opened the front door. “You hungry?”

Morgan wasn’t sure what she was. The whole scene had happened fast and she wanted to think about it all. Andy was probably hungry or he wouldn’t have asked. “Sure.”



“Out or in?”


“You want me to call in or do you want to go out?”

“What do you want?”

He shrugged.

“Out then.”

“Let’s go.”

The ride to the Harner’s was filled with the sound of Journey.

The pizza place was empty except for a family with two small kids. “Where’s everyone? No one is here.”

“Lots of people go to church on Wednesdays.” Morgan had never heard of going to church on Wednesdays. She eyed the red and white plastic table cloths wondering if going out had been a good idea. She put her hand on Andy’s arm to get his attention before he ordered.

“I could make something for us instead, if you...

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