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Haha Essay

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Impact of Diversity on Public Policies
Background: Ever since the Three-Fifth Compromise was ratified, race has been one of, if not the central of politics predominately in the southern states during the mid-1900s. It has played a majour role in defining politics and issuing many public policies such as social welfare and Medicaid. During these times, several civil rights court cases and movements such as Brown v. Board of Education, Hernandez v. Texas (1954), Chicano and the Civil Rights Movement in which minorities were trying to bring equal rights upon the minorities took place. Other policies include the on-still healthcare debate dealing with Obamacare and providing sufficient aid to those that need it while still encouraging them to feed for themselves and the issues dealing with gay marriage and abortion. Although the court ruling of Roe v. Wade has taken place, it did not draw the fine line between being moral and being ethical when it comes to abortion. And in a diverse nation like this, it would be inferred that the abortion rate is equally dispersed however, it is predominately in the minorities especially ones of the Hispanic and African American races. Some of the policies that resulted in these include the integration of public schools, the right to interracial marriage and the reduced discrimination against people of colour, of different religion and of wrongly accused crimes (Executive Orders of 9066). Although it seems like the issues of diversity has been playing a major role in these humanitarian ideologies, it is not until recently that it came to be incorporated extensively into politics and public policies.
These: Since the contexts of social diversity greatly impacts States’ policies as we could see with the most recent Arizona State Immigration law, majourity of U.S. public policies need to better acknowledge and understand the in-egalitarian principles that supposedly define the social status of ethnical and racial minorities in the U.S.
C. Racial diversity as it pertains to employment, immigration, education and crime rate.
II. A more diverse institution equals a greater chance of good, but less crime.
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