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Graham was a smart boy, very charming and bright. Such a pleasure to be around, an aura of happiness seemed to surround his every move. His parents, Stella and George, were both well known scientists. They were always quick to brag about his many, outstanding achievements. Chess, piano, and math competitions always resulted in a first place trophy. Out of all these these activities, Graham loved math. His perfect future consisted of a job as a mathematician. His parents knew, his teachers knew, that job was practically meant for him.

* * *

I felt a hand rest on my shaking knee. It was my father.
“Calm down. I have connections with the Founders. You know you can’t lose.”
“It’s nicknamed ‘The Lotto’ for a reason, dad.”
George Spencer looked up at the Drawing stage with an uneasy gaze. I sighed softly and prodded my father’s hand off my knee. Connections with the Founders, he says. He’s just trying to make me feel better. I know the Founders and scientists have never really gotten along. There have been plenty of stories about increasing your odds in the Drawing. It’s a rumor, It has to be, or else the Drawing would lose it’s purpose. I lift my head up to view the large stage ahead of me. A banner reads “83rd Annual Drawing” across the top of it.
“It’s not all that bad. Look at the jobs me and your mother got out of this!”
I sighed and turned away from my father. A pitiful attempt at cheering me up. I knew what was at stake here, and I prayed that I wouldn’t be the one unlucky one.
“Kinny Martin.”
A tall, slim guy stood up. His face was ghostly white as he walked up the chrome stairs. A slightly chubby man greeted him with a forced smile. Most likely a Founder. He motioned for the guy to press the large, square button, which made job names flash across the large screen above the stage.
Over the years, the Drawing has changed. Apparently, the first drawing consisted of picking papers out of a simple, wooden box. Since then, it’s all been done electronically. I guess “The Drawing” doesn’t really fit the event as much, seeing as you’re not drawing a piece of paper from a box anymore. The creator, Graham Dystion, created the event to create a fair chance of achieving jobs for everyone across the nation. At the age of 18, every person in the nation participated in the Drawing. I was named after Dystion. He was truly an incredible person, creating an order out of the chaos of the War many years ago. Since his death, he has been preceded by the Founders. They run the Drawings as well as the entire nation. I always wondered how the Founders got chosen, as they were not chosen as jobs in the Drawing.
“Haley Madke.”
I jumped out of my thoughts and found out that I had missed Kinny’s calling. A very pretty blonde girl was called up. Her parents lightly touched her shoulder as she shakily walked up to the stage.
“That’s Jim’s girl. A great writer, I read one of her articles in the local paper.”
My mother gazed at the girl with a slight smile,...

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