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Hahahaha Essay

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1.4 Divisions of the Nervous SystemIf the heart, blood, and lymph vessels can be described as the body's transportation system, the brain(encephal/o), spinal cord (myel/o), and nerves (neur/o) are its communications infrastructure-a high-speed information network. With the endocrine system-whose glandular secretions affect each body process-the nervous system keeps the body functioning as an integrated whole.The nervous system is one of the most complex systems of the body.Let's begin our review of its structure and function by considering its two main divisions: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system .1.6 Central Nervous SystemCentral nervous systemThe central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. This division is called the central nervous system because of the central or midline position of the brain and spinal cord in the body.1.7 Peripheral Nervous SystemPeripheral nervous systemThe peripheral nervous system is composed of bundles of impulse-carrying nerve cell fibers-12 pairs of cranial nerves and 31 pairs of spinal nerves-that transmit information to and from the central nervous system. This division of the nervous system is called peripheral because the nerves extend to the outlying, or peripheral, parts of the body.2.1 Cranial Nerves (Animation)Let's look first at components of the central nervous system, beginning at the head with the cranial nerves. The cranial nerves originate at the base of the brain and carry signals to and from the structures of the head and neck and the thoracic and abdominal cavities. Cranial nerve X, called the vagus nerve (vag/o), reaches the larynx, trachea, bronchi, aorta, esophagus, and stomach. It is the only cranial nerve that leaves the head and neck region!Twelve pairs of cranial nerves emerge from the inferior surface of the brain.The olfactory nerve carries information from the nose to the brain and is concerned with the sense of smell.The optic nerve carries visual information from the eye to the brain for the sense of sight.The oculomotor nerve causes movement of the eyeball and contraction of the extrinsic eye muscles to raise the eyelid. It also constricts the pupil of the eye.The trochlear nerve also causes contraction of the extrinsic eye muscles to move the eyeball.The trigeminal nerve carries information regarding touch, pressure, and pain from the face, scalp, and teeth to the brain. It also innervates the muscles of mastication.The abducens nerve controls eye movements by innervating an extrinsic eye muscle that causes eye movement and by carrying information regarding the sensation of eye movement to the brain.The facial nerve carries sensory information regarding taste and performs motor function by contracting the muscles of facial expression, secretion of saliva, and tears.The vestibulocochlear nerve carries information for hearing and sense of balance from the ear to the brain.The glossopharyngeal nerve carries sensory information regarding taste...

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978 words - 4 pages concept because humanity's expectation of it is always evolving. The anticipation of the things we desire tomorrow are the things that fill our emptiness today. Tessa had found happiness, she knows it may not last forever and that within itself is a beautiful thing to evolve from. Up until Even now Carina's laugh still resonates within Tessa, illuminating the deepest and darkest parts of her soul. Comment by LeRoux, Tyler: Happiness is an elusive concept due to humanity's ever evolving expectations? Idk hahahaha

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2636 words - 11 pages too much! Too much! I can’t - hahahaha- breathe!” Cas squealed as he rolled around, pushing at Dean’s hands with his own. “Surrender?” Dean lifted the loose t-shirt Cas had slept in and blew a raspberry on the hypersensitive skin of his tummy. “Yes! hahahaha Yes!” Cas gasped, tears streaming down his rosy cheeks. Dean ceased his assault and laid down on his back next to him. Cas’s breathless laughter eventually slowed to sporadic giggles

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1753 words - 7 pages pointed his crooked finger at the speeding bolt and it disintegrated into ash mid-air. Once more the twisted laughter haunted the sepulchre."Silver? Am I suddenly a werewolf, human?" Vorador raised his outstretched hands towards the ceiling and Sanctus was lifted off his feet and flung against the stone wall behind him by some invisible force."Hahahaha!" Vorador drew a circle in the mist with his foot and six bursts of black fire erupted from the


1479 words - 6 pages President started to call more superheros. Batman and Robin were caught easily, Wonder Woman and Flash stood no chance and Chicky was ready to invade earth. "HAHAHAHA earth prepare to die." As Chicky mad his way down the streets of New York tons of people were mercebly being destroyed. There were two little kids on tricycles, one little brown headed girl and her little boyfriend singing happy as could be, but Chicky didn't care who it was

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2706 words - 11 pages browsing can reli use lots of time! B -0- B i know who's "pesley"! B he's not handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's not the one I mention ar!! A paisley?XD A i didnt say hes handsomeXD B the one i refer is even thinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B Yaya A you mean the handsome guy is short or not? B he's geek/// looks like!! hahahaha A i rmb one guy quite ok looking but hes short B i dunt know he's handsome

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2638 words - 11 pages .. only browse! A XDDDD A NO MONEYkaa B coz browsing can reli use lots of time! B -0- B i know who's "pesley"! B he's not handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's not the one I mention ar!! A paisley?XD A i didnt say hes handsomeXD B the one i refer is even thinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B Yaya A you mean the handsome guy is short or not? B he's geek/// looks like!! hahahaha A i rmb one guy quite ok

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